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Jagged Alliance v1.06

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Jagged Alliance v1.06
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Description: Jagged Alliance v1.06

This patch features improvements to the Talon grenade launcher, fixes a crash bug, and makes a few other miscellaneous changes. See "more info" for details.

Changes in version 1.06:
-The accuracy of the Talon grenade launcher has been improved.
-The AP cost for firing a Talon grenade launcher has been corrected.
-A re-appearing sector inventory situation has been resolved.
-If the last enemy in a sector is non visible and he dies, the game will now recognize that the sector is clear.
-An item duplication situation has been corrected.
-A problem related to firing someone in a vehicle when the sector was currently loaded has been resolved.
-A crash situation related to characters having statistics of 100 has been resolved.

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