Deer Hunter 3 v1.1 to v1.2 Full

File Info: Deer Hunter 3 v1.1 to v1.2 Full

Deer Hunter 3 v1.1 to v1.2 Full
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Deer Hunter 2003
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Description: Deer Hunter 3 v1.1 to v1.2 Full

This will upgrade version 1.1 full installations of the game to version 1.2.

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== Deer Hunter 3 version 1.2 Readme ==
== 12/1/99 ==

This document is best viewed with word-wrap on.

== List of KEY issues fixed in 1.2

The following is a list of issues dealt with from version 1.1 to version 1.2. While there are other minor or subsequent issues that are not listed here, this is a complete list of all the major fixes

- Four new rifles added - see notes below.
- Scope reticles now interchangeable - see notes below.
- GameSpy game list arrow controls fixed
- Multiplayer blind/treestand issues resolved
- Servers now pre-cache ALL player models and skins on startup
- Day restart logic fixed (and client notification of it)
- Multiplayer player info dialog fixed
- Dedicated servers no longer load unneccessary screen data on startup
- Fixed double trophies in single player
- MOTD duration now dependant on the length of the message
- Deer AI adjustments
- Commands from defcmds.cfg now get imported every time you startup if they dont already exist
- Blinds, decoys, dripbags, crop seeds etc get removed from game in multiplayer when placer leaves
- MP Trophy room, weapon added after the game type (or name of player who did the shooting)
- Chances of bad weather increased a bit

== Four new rifles added

New Weapon Competitive Weapon Factor
.270 Bolt Action Rifle 80
.280 Bolt Action Rifle 80
.308 Bolt Action Rifle 80
.30-30 Lever Action Rifle 90

== Interchangeable scope reticles
A new command (reticle) has been added that will allow you to cycle through all available scope reticles while using a scoped weapon. The crossbow has only one supported reticle so you cannot cycle through any others, and the 44 Magnum will not let you select the pin reticles.

The new key for this command will default to Q unless you have Q already bound to something else. (in which case you will have to associate a new key in the Settings|Controls screen)

Your favorite scope types will be saved with each of your weapons individually.

Three new scope reticles have also been added.

== Dedicated Server Note

An important note about time limits (-srv_time), and kill limits (-srv_kills). Only competitive games (-srv_game:2) will remain running after the time limit runs out or the kill limit is reached. You should not use a time limit or a kill limit on other game types unless you intend for the server to shut down after the time limit or kill limit is reached.

== Poaching note

You must have all the permits you need each time you go hunting in season mode. If you have your doe tag, take a doe, then go hunting for bucks later in the season, you must have the doe tag in your posession even though you have already taken it previously. The total deer limits for the season need to look at all your permits.

== Voodoo 2 Issues

Some voodoo2 based accelerators running on some AMD processors have issues running DH3 a second time without a reboot. Either reboot and run, or play in software mode until the source of this defect is determined and dealt with.

== Voodoo 3 Issues

At the time of this documents creation, 3dfx has released drivers for the voodoo3 that are specifically for DirectX 7. These drivers cause issues with Deer Hunter 3.

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