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Rogue Spear v2.05 (UK)
Red Storm Entertainment
Also known as:
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear
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Description: Rogue Spear v2.05 (UK)

Updates the game to version 2.05. This patch adds GameSpy support, and implements several fixes. See "more info" for a list of changes.

Rogue Spear 2.05 Patch (All Versions)
- All fixes/changes in the 2.04 patch
- The special keyboard keys (arrow keys, numeric keypad, etc.) can once again be remapped under non-English versions of Windows.
- Rogue Spear should now run under Windows2000.
- GameSpy support has been added. As part of this, the behavior of the "Announce Server" option has changed. If this option is checked, your game info is broadcast to the GameSpy master server.
- The server will no longer pause until the armpatch timeout has expired while waiting for clients who have armpatches turned off.
- Support has been added for users with multiple network connections to choose which connection to use for a multiplayer game.
- The problems with the "Lock Teams" option should be cleared up.
- The blank dialog that a client received when joining a full game should now display the proper message.
- Clients who disconnect during the loading sequence will no longer crash if they reconnect while the game is still in progress or in the results screen.
- The armpatch timeout was reduced to 30 seconds meaning laggy clients will not delay multiplayer game starts for more than that period of time.
- Clients that disconnect during the loading sequence will no longer delay the game start until the armpatch timeout has expired.
- Clients who disconnect and rejoin before a game starts will no longer delay the server until the armpatch timeout has expired.
- Hitting escape during a multiplayer loading sequence will no longer cause a hang or crash.

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