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Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.51 to v1.61

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File Info: Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.51 to v1.61

Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.51 to v1.61
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Dungeon Keeper 2
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Description: Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.51 to v1.61

Upgrades version 1.51 of Dungeon Keeper 2 to version 1.61. This version adds Elite Creatures and more! Check out "more info" for a list of changes.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Update 1.51 to 1.61


Elite creatures in Dungeon Keeper 2!

This version adds Elite creatures to Dungeon Keeper 2. Elite creatures are tougher, faster, stronger versions of their ordinary creature counterparts, and add a deadly twist to any Multiplayer, Skirmish or My Pet Dungeon game. However, attracting them in will not be easy, and you will need to discover their particular preferences to draw them in.
As a clue, to attract the Elite Mistress, build a 3x3 Prison surrounded by a Torture Chamber. Good luck attracting in the others!

Other Changes in Version 1.60

We are continually adding new features that DK2 fans request, as well as increasing stability and feature tweaking. In this version we have added the much requested functionality to replay completed levels, as well as play levels that were not played when a choice was given in the Campaign game. We have also tweaked a lot of features that were either in the release version (1.3) or in the later update (1.51), like the ability to continue playing after completing a level.
If there are further suggestions, send an email to [email protected] Not all emails can be answered, but we do read every one.

If you have a card that supports bump mapping, you might want to try the command line switch -enablebumpmapping and -enablebumpluminance. This is an unsupported feature.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Update 1.51


Thank you for taking the time to obtain this update for Dungeon Keeper 2.

We've spent a long time reviewing feedback from players and we hope that this update addresses some of the issues you brought up. We always welcome feedback and we can be contacted via our website

This update does not fix all of the hardware configuration problems that we've seen as addressing them is out of our control. We have found that memory resident programs, overclocking and bad or outdated drivers account for 90% of the problems we've seen. For more info, read the troubleshooting guide in the Support section of

Installing this update will mean that the Uninstall function will not clear out all DK2 files. After using the Uninstall option, you can safely delete the remaining DK2 files manually.

Your saved games ought to be safe, but you might want to back them up to be safe. They're stored in the Data\Save directory. When loading an old save game, you will start on the beginning of that level for compatibility reasons.

If you are having problems when installing this update, ensure that the language of the update match the language of the game. If this is the case and you're still experiencing problems, then it's likely that a file has been modified since installation. An uninstall/reinstall should resolve this problem.

The following is a list of tweaks and fixes. It is not a complete list, but covers most of the areas we've changed since our initial release.

Gameplay tweaks and additions in this Update

* 1024x768 resolution supported.
* Added 'No Mans Land' map. 2 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
* Added 'Circlet' map. 3 Player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
* Added 'Patrol' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
* Added 'Pressure' map. 3 player. Skirmish only.
* Added 'Torment' My Pet Dungeon level.
* Added 'Olympia' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish. Also in Bonus Pack 1.
* "The battle in the Combat Pit is over" is played when only one creature remains.
* Selecting "Quit" from the main menu now requests confirmation before quitting.
* "Your Library does not have enough storage" now played when there are more spells to research but no more space.
* Added "Press Space to go to Debriefing Screen or Escape to continue" at end of levels.
* Added a bunch more Temple Recipes.
* Added a check for 150MB disk space (necessary for swap files).
* Added a flower icon to the Hero Alarm Trap.
* Added a multi-line chat message window to MP.
* Added a multiplayer option that makes reinforced walls impenetrable to enemy Imps.
* Added a new cheat for gaining mana.
* Added a warning box if player is timing out in multiplayer lobby.
* Added a warning for when all players in MP don't have the map chosen.
* Added A3D audio support.
* Added better confirmation that a game has been saved.
* Added better lava balls.
* Added clearer alliance notification in the Allies window in MP.
* Added current values on slider bars.
* Added functionality in MP to let you chat once you have died.
* Added functionality that lets you play on in Single Player with the GUI available.
* Added 'Message To' functionality in the Allies window in MP.
* Added Mistress whip effect for Torture Chamber.
* Added notification of player's defeats in MP.
* Added the ability to have an allied end in multiplayer.
* Added the ability to wander the realm as a lost soul once after a multiplayer defeat.
* Added tooltip for MPD Level Selector.
* Added Torture flower icon.
* Added Total Evil Rating calculations and names.
* Adjusted Freeze Trap mana costs.
* All players can now see a thumbnail pic of the level in the MP lobby.
* Alliance information can now be heard by all players.
* Ally window in MP now shows who is allied to whom.
* Altered terrain slightly in Hopping.
* Altered the amount of damage Boulder now takes when hitting a creature.
* Altered the Knight's melee sounds.
* Attacking sleeping creatures in first person now wakes them up.
* Boulders now take damage when slapped.
* Campaign progress now not saved with MPD or Skirmish.
* Certain creatures now use the Temple when idle.
* Changed "New Campaign - Are You Sure?" to only display if a Campaign has already started.
* Changed Combat Pit tooltip.
* Changed CPU player so that it uses the Combat Pit.
* Changed MPD Level Selector tooltip.
* Changed Library tooltip.
* Changed Monk's heal usage.
* Changed the eye-height of some creatures.
* Changed the highlight on the Hero Portcullis.
* Changed the highlight on the Fear Trap.
* Changed the Horny melee timing.
* Changed the 'Imps moving spellbook' tooltip.
* Coloured MP messages to differentiate between private, public and server messages.
* Computer player can now be set in multiplayer games. Will not work properly with all maps.
* Computer player now deals with neutral rooms better.
* Computer player stats revised to make some attack earlier.
* CRC checking of .exes to ensure that in multiplayer the .exes match for all players.
* Creatures show how much mana they are generating from prayer.
* Dark Elves now eat and sleep if they need to when patrolling.
* De-activated game functions when in chat e.g. Zoom/Rotate.
* Debriefing stats revised.
* Disallow Full-screen map while game is paused.
* Each Mana Vault now provides an increase to the maximum amount of Mana.
* Efficiency tooltips now rounded up.
* Ensured that creatures cannot get stuck in doors which are opening or closing.
* Ensured that creatures killed in the Torture Chamber contribute to debriefing stats.
* Ensured that Imps only drag back unconscious bodies when there is one spare floor tile.
* Environmental effects default to 'off' (for EAX environment compatible soundcards).
* Creatures will no longer be targetted in First Person mode.
* Game settings now saved between games.
* Given creatures the ability to cast Heal / Armour / Invisibility on themselves, if they have that spell.
* Hand now taken out of possession spell mode when coming out of possession.
* 'Heal' Creature Spells now slightly more powerful.
* Hero Lair texture is now easier on the eyes.
* Host quitting out of lobby will now automatically kick other players out of that lobby.
* Imp priorities adjusted slightly.
* Imps now have their correct death effect in the Temple pool.
* Imps stats altered so that it's easier for them to reach level 10.
* Increased the health of MPD Hero Invasion Parties for higher levels.
* Increased the update rate of the full-screen map.
* Some Keeper Spells can now be cast into the Temple pool to contribute to Temple Recipes.
* Lobby chat text now more legible against the background.
* Made Casino jackpot music only play for one player.
* Made chat textbox more responsive.
* Made Hi-Score Table easier to enter.
* Made Horny immune to freezing.
* Made it easier to distinguish between separate sub-objectives.
* Made rewarded creature from Temple Recipe appear at average level of creatures dropped in pool.
* Magic Doors now only damaged by magic attacks.
* Mana from Prayer values tweaked for all creatures.
* More feedback when door is locked/unlocked.
* More silly speech implemented.
* MPD quicksave no longer writes over Campaign quicksave.
* Multiplayer lobby now shows IP Address of all machines.
* Now easier to get around traps in 1st person.
* Pay-day timer now starts when first creature joins your side.
* Player names now shown instead of Player 1, Player 2 etc.
* Players are now informed of players that have dropped out of a MP game.
* Reduced frequency of "There is nothing left to research" message.
* Reduced frequency of "Your Portals have attracted as many creatures as they can".
* Removed cheats in MP.
* Rooms, doors and traps cannot be set to researchable in MP game options.
* Some creatures now use the Casino when idle.
* Subtitles on Level 5 appear in a better place.
* The F3 camera option is not as zoomed in.
* The Mistress now trains more and is less obsessed with the Torture Chamber.
* Tidied up 2D Front End map sections.
* Tidied up Control Options in Front End Menu.
* Tidied up text in the chat window.
* Tweaked music scripting.
* When trying to join a game in Internet Dungeon Watch you now also get a message.
* Winner's name now at the top of a MP debriefing.
* You can now assign ESC key in game and Front End.

Fixes in this Update

* After joining someone else's MP lobby, you no longer inherit their game settings.
* After loading a saved game, correct debriefing speech now plays.
* Fixed a Multiplayer problem related to items dangling in the hand.
* Fixed a problem in MPD Level 3 involving Continual Invasion.
* Fixed a problem related to decomposing in the Graveyard.
* Fixed a problem where "Locate Hidden Land" special was appearing at the end of a Skirmish game.
* Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes cannot get picked up in MPD mode.
* Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes could not be dropped in MPD mode.
* Fixed a problem where flowers of creatures in Toolbox flash for no apparent reason.
* Fixed a problem where movies don't show video on some CD drives.
* Fixed a problem where players were forced to replay completed missions.
* Fixed a problem where the first chicken to be picked up would be black.
* Fixed a problem where you could lose the spells you started with when taking over an enemy Library.
* Fixed a problem where you couldn't view the "Cut 1" movie.
* Fixed a problem with MPD Levels 2-6 so that creatures can be dropped back into the Toolbox.
* Fixed a problem with news update speech on map screen.
* Fixed a stalemate bug on Level 10.
* Fixed an Alt+Tab crash
* Fixed an out of sync problem between German and non-German versions involving Elven Archer torture anim.
* Fixed an out of sync problem related to jailbreaks.
* Fixed an "invisible Imp" problem.
* Fixed Level 20 so that Hero Gates can be collapsed.
* Fixed problem in multiplayer where loading screen was not shown at some stages.
* Fixed problem related to experience gained through destroying traps and Dungeon Heart.
* Fixed problem that caused framerate drop when exposing the map in MP.
* Fixed problem where "Player Not Responding - Kick Player" message wasn't clearing the thumbnail from the screen.
* Fixed problem where "Teach your prisoners a lesson - build them a Torture Chamber" got played incorrectly.
* Fixed problem where "There is nothing more to research" got played incorrectly.
* Fixed problem where "You have my allegiance, Keeper" got played incorrectly.
* Fixed problem where being kicked from a lobby was taking a long time before timing out.
* Fixed problem where creature spell 'Knives' were coming out in the wrong direction.
* Fixed problem where creatures were shown in the full-screen map at the point they were picked up from.
* Fixed problem where debriefing wouldn't show after continuing a MPD game.
* Fixed problem where fire sound would play indefinitely.
* Fixed problem where frozen creatures in possession won't animate when coming out of possession mode.
* Fixed problem where Horny would sometimes get stuck on the way to the Portal Gem.
* Fixed problem where Imps weren't taking crates to blueprints.
* Fixed problem where it was possible to get idle CPU Keepers in Skirmish.
* Fixed problem where it was possible to get overlapping GUI windows.
* Fixed problem where Portal Gem was created in an incorrect place after a game had been loaded.
* Fixed problem where rebelling creatures leaving the dungeon were getting stuck.
* Fixed problem where some walls weren't getting rendered when exiting possession mode.
* Fixed problem with duplicated level objectives screenshots in mission briefings.
* Fixed problem with sound in movie player on Aureal cards.
* Fixed Voodoo and non-MMX machine config problem.
* Game installed to a path without spaces in now runs from the Autorun menu.
* High Score Table no longer displays "Level 20" after completing a Secret Level.
* Temple created creatures now never get stuck in the pool.
* Valid video mode now set up for Matrox Millenium video card.

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