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Montana Solitaire
James Lee
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Description: Montana Solitaire

Type of solataire also known as Station, for your palm.

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M M M M Montana Solitaire
M M M Version 1.1

Price: US $5.00

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Written by James Lee ([email protected]).

Visit Montana's homepage, Seahorse Software at:

*Changes From Last Version*
- Fixed end of game bug
- Added New Settings: Taps on Blanks Moves Card, Auto Re-Deal, Reset Re-Deal on Win, Re-Deal Randomly Places Blanks (see settings "i" for help)
- X's now appear in un-useble blank spots

NOTE: In the UNREGISTERED version, the game starts over everytime you play it. Statistics are not saved, and there is a shareware notice. Please consider registering.

Montana Solitaire (also known as Station, Blue-Moon, Gaps)

To order all of the cards in 4 rows of increasing order from 2 to K, one single suit per row.

Initial Deal:
All 52 cards are dealt face up into 4 rows, 13 cards each. The Aces are then removed to create 4 blank spaces.

Moving a Card:
Any card can be moved to a blank spot, provided it:
- is one rank higher than the card to the left of the blank
- is the same suit as the card to the left of the blank

Only 2's may be placed at the beginning of a row, and nothing can be placed after a King.

Tapping on the card you want to move will automatically move it to it's correct spot, if it is a valid move.

All unordered cards (those not in sequence, beginning with the 2 at the left most side) of each row are picked up, and shuffled thoroughly with the Aces. The cards are put down again behind each of the remaining rows; subsequently the Aces are removed again to create four new gaps.

The number of re-deal times can be set in the Settings.

1 point for each card in sequence beginning with the 2 of that suit in the left most spot.

Game Over:
The game automatically ends when either all the cards are placed in order, or there are no re-deals left and no possible move.

If all of the cards are placed in order, then a new hand is dealt, and the Score keeps increasing. Note that the Re-Deals are not reset.

Undoes the last move only.

See the Settings menu for game play options.

*Included File*
Included with this message is the most current version of Montana. It has been tested on CoPilot with a 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x ROM. I have registered the CreatorID with 3COM, thus there should be no conflicts in loading it.

*New Versions*
New versions can be downloaded from Seahorse Software (

Even though I have tried my best to make a quality program that does no harm, sometimes sneaky little bugs rear their ugly heads. Thus, I can not be held accountable for data loss or harm done to you or your Palm(tm) device. I also can not be held accountable if your boss catches you playing this game at work ;-)

Montana Solitaire, the Palm(tm) game, is Copyright 1999 by James Lee.

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