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Nerf Arena v1.1 Demo
Visionary Media, Inc.
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Nerf Arena Blaster
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Experience Nerf as you have never seen it before! Nerf ArenaBlast is an entirely new 3D universe with bright, colorful levels and three cool ways to play: PointBlast, BallBlast and SpeedBlast. In PointBlast, you use big, bad Nerf blasters to power your way past your opponents. Blast them and score big points. BallBlast is a virtual scavenger hunt. You must find several brightly colored Nerf balls and blast them into targets. SpeedBlast is a good old fashioned race, but with Nerf blasters that you can use to slow down your opponents. But watch out, because your opponents are armed and out to get you, too! The game is powered by the Unreal engine, so the 3D graphics are eye popping. And with Nerf, it's guaranteed fun for kids and adults alike. Pump it up with Nerf ArenaBlast!

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