Magic Lamber: Power of Sewer

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Magic Lamber: Power of Sewer
Mark Shan
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Quake 2
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Description: Magic Lamber: Power of Sewer

Quake2 Single Player mission.

Title: Magic Lamber : Power of Sewer
Filename: (lamber.bsp - cemet.bsp - lamb2.bsp - lamb3.bsp - lamb4.bsp - lamb5.bsp - lamb6-.bsp - lamb7.bsp - lamb8.bsp - lamb9.bsp)
Author: Mark Shan
Email address: [email protected] - [email protected]
Description: Single Player Level For Quake II
Special Thanks: IdSoftware for Quake II, Virtus for DMM2 (editor used)
Jay Aiken ([email protected]) for playtest and a lot of suggestions
Stecki ([email protected]) for Env. map
Scud([email protected]) - Bad Monkey ([email protected]) -Azrknight ([email protected])
Bok Choy - Robert Halvarsson - Andreas Mann for prefabs
Dragon(slo) ([email protected]) and William Wood ( for prefabs and converting prefabs in .WLB format
and anybody play this level


----------------The Story (based on idea of Davide and Matteo Borlenghi - Text : Jay Aiken)

From the bio-organic slime product from the core of Planet Volcano, the
Stroggs extract energy for building and operating their final military technology:
Magic Lamber, a colossal 10,000-ton robot with a nuclear gun whose
potency is equivalent to a billion kilotons. The robot is
indestructible in combat, and there is only one possibility of stopping the
Stroggs' project before Magic Lamber becomes operational: the energy
conversion system is unstable, and lacks refrigeration circuitry. If
you can produce an energy overload, the ground under the mech could
reach fusion temperatures and sink the robot into the slime and core of
the planet.

Here is your mission: try to crash the system by activating all
available gigantic pumps at once.

Very recent intelligence suggests that the Strogg are also experimenting
with transporter technology in the area. Beware that they might use
their experimental technology to teleport enemies into areas you have
already cleared, in an attempt to hold you or to attack you from
multiple fronts.

Good luck...


Copy the .bsp into a subdirectory of quake2\baseq2 called maps (i.e. c:\quake2\baseq2\maps)
Then run Quake II.
Enter the console (press "~"), and type in "map lamber" at the command prompt.
Extract the file into a subdirectory of quake2\baseq2 called env (i.e. c:\quake2\baseq2\env)

---------------Play Information---------------

Level Name: Magic Lamber : Power of sewer
Single: Yes
Deathmatch: No


Base: New level from scratch
Build Time: about 3 months
Know bugs : some texture misalignaments, a bug of editor used. I apologize for that.

---------------Compile Info--------------

BSP compile time : over 150 hrs with vis and rad
Editor(s) used: Deathmatch Maker 2

Compile machine : PIII 500 Mhz - 256 Mb RAM - Voodoo 3 3000 video card

Test machine : PIII 450 Mhz - 256 Mb RAM - TNT 2 Ultra video card
PII 266 Mhz - 64 Mb RAM - S3 Savage4 32 MB video card

---------------Legal Stuff-------------

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels(as long as you give me some credit).
You may distribute this any way you like as long as you include this readme.
If you sell this level for profit you MUST contact me first.This is not supported by any company whatsoever.

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