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The NBA Inside Drive 2000 Trial Version puts you in a rematch of the 1999 NBA Finals, with the never-say-die New York Knicks squaring off against the champion San Antonio Spurs.

Tight NBA-Style Gameplay...
Accurate NBA player and team styles & tendencies, and team-specific playbooks result in a game that feels and plays like real NBA basketball.

Power Post Play...
Back down the defender, throw the lob entry pass, and spin move for the dunk or jump hook. Play the post game like never before.

Precise Control...
Multiple dekes and defensive moves, and advanced levels of shooting, rebounding, and blocking offer unprecedented control and challenge.

Role-Play With Your Favorite Player...
Pick an NBA star and then slash through the lane, call for the pass, spot up at the arc, and drain the trey.

Superior Play-by-Play and Color Commentary...
Seattle SuperSonics commentator Kevin Calabro (WAV 216 KB) and Marques Johnson (WAV 343 KB) provide real-time analysis and insight to help you play better.

Hundreds of NBA Moves Motion-Captured...
Ray Allen of the Milwaukee Bucks captures the essence of the game.

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