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NHL Hockey 2000
EA Sports
Also known as:
NHL '00, NHL Hockey 2000, NHL Hockey '00
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NHL® 2000 puts you in control of the swiftest and strongest players on the ice. With big hits and sweet fakes that YOU control, NHL 2000 delivers non-stop hockey action from the first drop of the puck.

If you're taken out by a Monster Hit, redemption is easy- drop the gloves and slug it out in a good old-fashioned BROOH HA-HA. Pick up and play with the tutorial level, or take a team from cellar to the Stanley Cup® in new Dynasty Mode™. PlayStation will reward you with fast-paced 'arcade' style gameplay. PC will allow you to take the shots, deliver the hits and set up your favorite players with the 'Import Your Face' feature. PlayStation or PC, NHL 2000 is your ticket to an action-packed NHL season.

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