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Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor v1.1

File Info: Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor v1.1

Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor v1.1
Also known as:
Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor, Might & Magic 7: For Blood and Honor
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Description: Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor v1.1

This patch fixes several bugs and adds new features to Might and Magic VII. You can see a full list by viewing "More Info" for this file.

The 3DO Company and New World Computing
Might and Magic(TM) VII, For Blood and Honor(TM)
Update v. 1.1 ReadMe
August 1999

Thank you for purchasing Might and Magic VII, For Blood and Honor.
This document contains information you might find useful, and we think it
should help you to get as much enjoyment out of this game as possible.
We hope you will have as much fun playing this game as we had creating it.


1) Update v. 1.1 Information
2) New Features
3) User Manual Errata
4) Other Keyboard Information
5) Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / Direct X
6) Windows®, Virtual Memory, and Hard Disk Space
7) Miscellaneous
8) Troubleshooting
9) Purchasing Software
10) Contacting Customer Support


1) Update Version 1.1 Information

Recharging Mr. Malwick's wand no longer gives the incorrect charge
range. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

Wands found on the ground now have the proper amount of charges. This
will result in no wands showing up with "0" charges. This will prevent
the wands from disappearing when first used by a party member. These
wands can also be recharged by a spell or potion if the base charge is
greater than one. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The backpack no longer causes corruption, crashes or item duplication.
The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The spear now causes the correct amount of damage with bonuses at expert
level. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

No invisible monsters will spawn in the Arena.

Corrected the loading of different saved games that would infrequently
cause the character portraits to drop for the second, third, and
fourth characters.

Corrected Necromancer and Mages that would occasionally summon
incorrect monsters. Necromancer can summon only Ghosts and Mages can
summon only Light Elementals.

Looking through the character inventory/spellbook in "The Pit" will
no longer cause an internal error. The fix also corrects this problem
in saved games.

The "Kill the Griffin" quest can be completed in all instances. The
fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The NPC Master Healer no longer wipes out the armor skills of the
party. The fix prevents this issue from reappearing in saved games,
but does not restore previouly lost skills or points.

The lich jars now appear in their correct location in the "Walls
of Mist". They will be there regardless of restarting or loading
from a previously saved game.

The phantom "0" quest that may appear in the Quest Notes does not
affect gameplay.

Any error message that occurs when traveling from one area to another
has been rectified. The fix also corrects this problem in saved

Conditional effects no longer appear on duplicate party member
portraits when only one has been affected.

The ambush event in Deyja no longer occurs repeatedly.

Minor text bugs were also addressed.


2) New Features

These additional features were added after the manual was completed.

The Current Quests, Notes and History books will flash as they get
added to and updated. The book will stop flashing once accessed.

You can right click on the mini-map (upper right corner) or the player
map (M key) in outdoor areas to get the name of the building the mouse
cursor is over.

Right clicking on skills in the character skills screen will show which
Skills the character can learn at his current promotion (white), skills
he could potentially learn at a following promotion (yellow), and skills
he will never be able to learn (red). It will also show the total bonus
to the skill from NPCs or items.

Protection from Magic (master level Body spell) also protects against
the Eradication condition at Grandmaster level.

Training takes one week per level per visit, to a maximum of the number
of times any one single character trains.

Toggling colored lights (Video Options; hardware only) requires the
Level to be reloaded to take effect.

The gamma setting can be changed in the Video Options submenu under
the Controls option in the options menu (Esc command). Note: Must
be in full screen to affect the gamma setting.


3) User Manual Errata

Page 14. Ranger Class - No spells are available until the first
promotion (Hunter).

Page 16 Archer Class - Disarm Trap is at (B) Basic until second

Page 24 Controls - "Graphic Detail:" this option has been replaced
by "Configure Keyboard" and "Video Options". Configure
Keyboard allows the alphanumeric keys to be remapped.
Video Options allows the Gamma Settings, Blood Splats,
Colored Lights, and Tinting to be reconfigured. (Note:
the Video Options are only available in Hardware Acceleration

Page 26 Moving Around - "[", "]" keys will move the party sideways
(strafe movement).

Page 45 Fire Magic: Fire Spike - Spell duration will last 10 real-time
minutes, regardless of whether you are in turn-based or
real-time mode.

Page 45 Fire Mage: Immolation - Spell will flare up every 5 game-time minutes.

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