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VRND - Notre Dame Cathedral
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The VRND Demo is an exciting new application that takes you into a REAL virtual reality model of the famous Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral.

Imagine for a moment, that you are flying through the air. You open your eyes and find yourself within an enormous eight-hundred year-old gothic cathedral, a monument to man's ingenuity and perseverence. Napoleon, Mary Queen of Scots, how they adored this wondrous edifice.

You find yourself soaring up to touch a cold arched ceiling, basking in the warm multi-colored sunlight pouring down on you from magnificent forty-foot stained-glass windows. You pause for a few moments to re-focus your eyes and you slowly descend to the cool, dark marble tile floor. You catch your reflection in a gilded candelabra- your glowing aura emanates around you- slowly pulsing. You catch a shape moving out of the shadowed aisles- a familiar figure. He stops a few feet away and beckons you to follow him. Meanwhile, hundreds of other ethereal glows race past you- exploring, communicating, experiencing one of the most intense real-time simulations ever created.

Now imagine all of this running on your home PC!

The VRND Demo is an exciting new application that takes you into a REAL
virtual reality model of the famous Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral.

Unlike circular panoramas or slow and clunky VRML worlds, VRND: Notre-Dame is a REAL VR application with multi-user chatting and virtual tour guides. You can download the entire self-installing viewer and cathedral from this Website.

It will enable you to experience the Notre-Dame Cathedral in all of its glory- virtually! and you don't need an expensive graphics workstation!

Once inside the VRND: Notre-Dame Cathedral you can...

Explore the cathedral in full detail, for as long as you like
Take photo-snapshots of anything inside the cathedral and save them
Take a guided tour by a genuine virtual friar tour guide
Learn about the history and heritage of Notre-Dame de Paris
Engage in interesting conversations with real historians and architects
Chat with other visitors, make new friends

Minimum System Requirements:

Intel Pentium2 233MHz or AMD K6 or Cyrix233

32mb of RAM

1mb video card (windowed software rendering only)

SoundBlaster compatible sound card

Windows95/98 or NT

56k modem

Optimal System Requirements:

Intel Pentium3 400MHz or AMD K6-2 or K7 or Celeron400

128mb of RAM

16mb 3D accelerator card (allows fullscreen viewing)

3D sound card

Windows95/98 or NT

Cable Modem or ISDN

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