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X-Wing Alliance v2.02

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File Info: X-Wing Alliance v2.02

X-Wing Alliance v2.02
Lucas Arts
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Description: X-Wing Alliance v2.02

Upgrades X-Win Alliance to version 2.02, adding various fixes and new features. See "More Info" for a full list.


The Film Room: The Film Room will allow you to record and view the missions you have flown. Instructions on how to use the Film Room will be shown after you have completed the update. This information is also stored in the file Update201.rtf located in your install folder (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XwingAlliance\ by default).

Aureal A3D Interactive(TM) sound support: Provides hardware accelerated 3d positional audio. To enable this support go to the sound options menu in the game, and select on for 3d sound enabled. If you have an Aureal supported sound card it will default to A3D support.

Improvements to Direct Sound 3D support: We have made adjustments to our sound system to create a more fulfilling experience for users with Direct Sound 3D supported soundcards.


Prologue mission 3: Sometimes after a player would inspect 97% of the craft in Cargo area 2 the goal would appear as satisfied when it wasn't. This has been addressed.

Prologue mission 7: Changes in the ordering and triggering conditions that make the mission more cohesive.

Prologue mission 8: Occasionally the player's craft would inexplicably get disabled in the freighter region, this has been fixed.

Battle 4 mission2: Occasionally a mission critical container would spontaneously explode, this has been fixed.

Battle 6 mission5: On Easy difficulty only there was a problem with TIE Fighter AI, this has been adjusted.

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