Mass Effect 2 - Michelle Shepard Save (Renegade)

File Info: Mass Effect 2 - Michelle Shepard Save (Renegade)

Mass Effect 2 - Michelle Shepard Save (Renegade)
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Mass Effect: Chapter 2
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Description: Mass Effect 2 - Michelle Shepard Save (Renegade)

This Mass Effect 2 save features a Female Soldier Shepard who followed the Renegade path. Look at more information for specific details on decisions made in ME1 and ME2.

Gender / Alignment Female Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Jacob
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None

- Completed Liara's quests
- Was nice to Conrad (despite shooting him in the foot) as I wanted the discount
- The Asari courier who was the Rachni spokesperson was present on Illium
- I did every single N7 mission


- I obtained every squad member (including Zaeed and Kasumi) prior to the Omega 4 Relay
- (Samara loyalty) I killed Morinth (+30 Paragon)
- (Garrus loyalty) Sidonis was killed by Garrus
- (Tali recruitment) Kal'Reegar died (briefly played on Hardcore to get Geth Pulse Rifle)
- (Tali loyalty) Tali was not exiled from the Flotilla
- (Tali loyalty) I did not receive the option to encourage peace or war with the Geth
- (Mordin loyalty) Mordin destroyed the data
- (Legion loyalty) I killed the Heretics
- (Zaeed loyalty) I saved the factory workers (+15 Paragon)
- *(Kasumi loyalty) Kasumi destroyed Kenji's graybox

Omega 4 Relay:

- I did everybody's loyalty quests
- Everybody (squad + crew) survived the ordeal
- Collector Base was destroyed (+30(?) Paragon)

- My Suicide Mission set up:

Tech Specialist: Kasumi Goto
Fire Team Leader: Jacob Taylor
My 1st Team: Miranda Lawson + Thane Krios
Distraction Team Leader: Jacob Taylor
Biotic Specialist: Samara
My 2nd Team: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy + Legion
Escort Duty: Mordin Solus
Human Reaper Team: Tali + Kasumi


Other notes:

- As mentioned above, I do have the Kasumi DLC installed. However, I also have some of the extra "goodies" from the different editions of the game. I'm not sure if it matters but I would recommend that to this point, the Kasumi DLC should be installed at least.

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