Mass Effect 2 - Ian Shepard Save (Mixed Alignment)

File Info: Mass Effect 2 - Ian Shepard Save (Mixed Alignment)

Mass Effect 2 - Ian Shepard Save (Mixed Alignment)
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Mass Effect: Chapter 2
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Description: Mass Effect 2 - Ian Shepard Save (Mixed Alignment)

This Mass Effect 2 save features a Male Vanguard Shepard who followed the Mixed alignment path. Look at more information for specific details on decisions made in ME1 and ME2.

Gender / Alignment Male Mixed
Level / Class 30 Vanguard
Background Spacer / Ruthless
Romanced Tali
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None

Major ME1 choices:
- romanced Liara as Tali wasn't interested, moved on to Tali
- Ashley is dead
- Wrex alive and kicking
- Council saved, Anderson chosen for Councilor
- the Rachni are alive

ME2 quests and choices:
- did both Liara's quests
- told the Council to kiss my ass
- Conrad Verner opened his foundation
- helped Shiala/Zhu's Hope again
- all N7 missions done

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions:
- all members except for Zaeed (didn't like his face or abilities so didn't download him) were recruited and all loyalty missions completed (including Kasumi's)
- helped Samara kill Morinth
- helped Garrus kill Sidonis
- Veetor was given to the quarians, Kal'Reegar survived, Tali was acquitted and the Admirals encouraged to forget about the geth and focus on the Reapers
- made Mordin kill his student but keep the genophage data
- destroyed the geth heretics
- let Miranda kill her 'friend'
- Thane's son ended up working for Bailey
- ordered Jack to kill Aresh

Omega 4 Relay:
- everyone survived.

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