Mass Effect 2 - Morrtin Shepard Save (Paragon)

File Info: Mass Effect 2 - Morrtin Shepard Save (Paragon)

Mass Effect 2 - Morrtin Shepard Save (Paragon)
Mass Effect
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Mass Effect: Chapter 2
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Description: Mass Effect 2 - Morrtin Shepard Save (Paragon)

This Mass Effect 2 save features a Male Sentinel Shepard who followed the Paragon path. Look at more information for specific details on decisions made in ME1 and ME2.

Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
Major ME1 Stuff:
ME1 romance is Liara and no cheating.
Ashley is alive.
Wrex alive
Original Council
Anderson is on the Council

Completed both of Liara's quests. Last quest with paragon option. Turned her assistant in.
Help Conrad to solve is case. Talked to the weapon mercenary.
Rachini Queen's Asarai spokeswoman delivered me the message.
All N7 missions done.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions:
I got all team members.
Killed Morinth. Samara is on the team and I tried to get an relationship. Didn't choose the "sex" option. But she refused and said "Maybe an other life and time.
Sidonus survived.
Kal'Reegar survived and Veetor was returned to Floatilla.
Tali not exiled from the Floatilla
Asked Quarians to consider cease fire.
Saved cure for later study and use.
Indoctrinated the heretic Geth.
Saved the hostages on Zaeed's loyalty

Omega 4 Relay:
All loyalty quest done and all survived.
All Crew members saved.

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