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Cell: Emergence Demo v1.0

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Cell: Emergence Demo v1.0
New Life Interactive
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Description: Cell: Emergence Demo v1.0

Get a taste of the "massively reactive" gameplay in indie game Cell: emergence, a journey inside the human body based on "dynamic voxels."

In the demo, players must spread "antibodies" (translucent white voxels) throughout a tube-shaped membrane. Once the membrane is teeming with "antibodies," it can withstand the eruption of purple Growth a minute later.

Inspired by tense '80s arcade games like Defender, Centipede, and Missile Command, Cell offers 17 punishing levels that require players to decipher a level's "cellular automata" simulation and then battle living processes with speed and dexterity.

The game's story, written by Deus Ex writer Sheldon Pacotti, is a first glimpse at a near-future fictional world where war is fought in code and chemistry and the inner workings of Nature.

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