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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Lighting Without Post Processing Mod v1.5

File Info: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Lighting Without Post Processing Mod v1.5

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Lighting Without Post Processing Mod v1.5
747823 and Pluto
Also known as:
Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Sky Rim, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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Description: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realistic Lighting Without Post Processing Mod v1.5

Makes the lighting more realistic without the use of screen shader injections or other post-processing. This means there will be no performance decrease at all, and all weather and locations have unique light settings!

The "fixes" in this mod for exteriors:
- More powerful sun color
- Lighter sunset/sunrise skies
- Lighter cloudy skies
- Darker ambient color
- Very dark nights (If it's too dark, you may need to fix your monitor's brightness, try this:
- Fixed color balance and saturation for all weather types to look realistic/neutral
- Removed bloom
- Removed forced contrast increase

For interiors:
- Removed fake "reflected light" color
- Darker interiors
- Very dark dungeons
- Fixed saturation, the color balance was fine
- Removed bloom (candles still glow from particles)
- Removed forced contrast increase

This affects all weather, all interiors, and all dungeons. Some special quest areas or quest weather states may not be affected. I think this also makes the game have a considerably more dark and ominous feeling than a "fantasy paradise" feeling that I always got from Oblivion and default Skyrim. Also note that this won't decrease performance at all, and for some people the removal of bloom may actually improve performance. Also note that this mod will not affect sneaking detection, despite being darker in some places.

Another comment about bloom:

It really needs a real hdr shader to work properly. What happens without one is that when you look at the sky, it's always the same brightness and so it's always got bloom covering the entire thing. Bloom should only ever be seen in instances where an area is considerably brighter than what can be displayed. For instance, if you go into a dark interior, real HDR should adapt the scene to get lighter overall, making the sky that was previously visible without bloom become "too bright" and show some bloom.

But, if you get close to the opening where you see the sky, the eye should adapt and make everything darker and the bloom should go away.

This isn't possible currently in Skyrim. Since the exposure doesn't change, the sky will always appear "over bright" if bloom is enabled. The "HDR" is fake, and it just constantly checks if the average screen brightness has increased or decreased. If it's decreased, it temporarily lowers the brightness of the whole scene and then gradually raises it back to a neutral level to make it look like your eye adjusted (even though it actaully didn't)

It won't be added until I find someone who can write shaders! And if that happens, those people will probably start a Skyrim graphics extender.

Hopefully this is a good explanation of why it's been removed.


Known problems:
- Some textures can be too bright at mid-day. Waiting for a real HDR shader to fix this.


I recommend to disable any post-processing mods before using this, because I didn't design it with any. They aren't incompatible, but the game might just be too dark, too bright, or too saturated. I also recommend that you set your in-game brightness slider to the center (default) setting and make sure your monitor is calibrated correctly.

- Copy the main ESP to your Skyrim data folder.
- (Optional) Copy the files you want from the optional files folder to your Skyrim folder.
- Activate either the full ESP, or any combination of the optionals. The full ESP contains everything, so activating this at the same time as the optional ESPs is redundant.

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