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TOCA2: Touring Cars v4.1

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File Info: TOCA2: Touring Cars v4.1

TOCA2: Touring Cars v4.1
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Description: TOCA2: Touring Cars v4.1

This patch is for European retail versions of TOCA2. See "More Info" for a full list of fixes and features this patch implements.

-Game should no longer stop before moving to the lights at the start of championship races
-The game should now correctly identify when the CD is present on 36x and faster drives
-Incorrect signposts at the Loch Ranoch track fixed
-Analogue rev counters in high resolutions should now be displayed correctly
-'+1 Lap' on Spanish results tables now correctly placed
-Incorrect High Score track info being displayed for Test Track Oval in SCC High Scores
-Network mode performance and reliability improved

New Features / Enhancements

-AI scripting enabled, allows you to change driver and track stats
-Replays now record upto 20+ laps depending on track, analogue/digital controller etc
-Individual Lap Time indicator now on replays
-New cheat mode to disable AI cars in single race, allows for multiple lap Time Trials
-Chat screen after each network race added
-In-Race chat function added
-Latency display added to network mode
-No collision network mode added
-Single Catchup network mode added
-If qualifying in Network mode is disabled then human players will always be placed in reverse order of the previous races results
-30 second timeout in network games after 1st person crosses finish line
-Brands Hatch track, bottom of Paddock Hill smoothed out to help reduce spinning

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