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Sports Car GT v1.551

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File Info: Sports Car GT v1.551

Sports Car GT v1.551
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Description: Sports Car GT v1.551

Upgrades Sports Car GT to version 1.551. See "More Info" for a full list of new fixes and features.

Sports Car GT - v.1.551 Patch Fix List


This patch should be unpacked to your SCGT directory. You should have SCGT
installed with the vehicle data and graphics data installed to disk so the
appropriate files can be updated. If you have previously installed without these options
checked, you can re-install with those options safely without overwriting any saved games.

Please note that different versions of SCGT are not compatible for multi-player games.


* Added ACT Labs RS Shifter support (hit F11 to enter "Free Shift" mode)
* Joystick/wheel now reads up to 16 buttons
* Replay interpolation much improved
* Replay weather conditions should now always be correct
* Added ability to call alternate AI driver into pits (Shift + A)
* Course penalty message no longer appears if an AI gets a black flag
* Opponent car sounds fixed when driving in-car
* Wet cars now show up properly in multiplayer
* Qualifying framerate issues addressed
* Various networking improvements.
* Added Time Acceleration Mode: (CTRL + T)
* Added "dash" to starting view options on options/misc tab (option sticks from
realtime as well)
* By request, Main taskbar in options no longer slides away when not in focus
* North Point Wet: no more course penalty in pits
* Road Atlanta: hills smoothed out
* D3D for 3Dfx put back in (to use D3D on primary adapter, you must disable on

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