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Half Life 2 - Water Mod v1.03

File Info: Half Life 2 - Water Mod v1.03

Half Life 2 - Water Mod v1.03
Half-Life Short Stories Team
Also known as:
Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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Description: Half Life 2 - Water Mod v1.03

From the Half-Life Short Stories team comes Water, a Half-Life 2 custom campaign in which you are a mermaid. Yes, you read that correctly. The mod is categorized as “comedy,” but the fish men look a little bit more like a bizarro horror Sock Boy. I believe the developers themselves came up with the best way to describe this mod. According to the team, “Water is a third-person puzzle solving adventure game with a unique look and gameplay. It’s a story about a mermaid, and fish men who aren’t fish men. A story that brings you into tears and fears. It’s about fish people, harp instruments, swimming, and crazy priests.” Frankly, if that truly epic description of Water doesn’t sell you on the mod, I don’t know what will.

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