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Speed Busters Patch
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Speed Busters
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Puts in some major add-ons and corrections to Speed Busters. See "More Info" for a list.

Speed Busters Patch - Readme file

Major add-ons and corrections

· Multiplayer:
1) Modem-to-Modem Connection added
2) TCP/IP Connection goes from 2 to 6 players
3) Play online on the World Opponent Network at http://www.won.net/
· Championship menu: crashing problems have been fixed
1) Car selection in the championship mode: even if you press the race button without having selected a car, the game will not freeze anymore.
2) When the GameService is not installed, the GameService option will not make the game crash anymore ( when you want to start a race, in the loading menu )
· Tracks:
1) Nevada: computer crashes happening near the UFO have been fixed
2) New York: when you finish second very close to first position, you will see the right message, the one that tells you to retry the race. Before this correction, you saw the winner message but you weren't able to race in the next race.

Known problems

· If you're using the 3dfx/3dfx2 renderer, the game may freeze if you quit the game using the Alt-F4 key. Try to quit the game using the "QUIT" button in the main menu to correct the problem.

· If you have some problems with 3dfx2 renderer, try the 3dfx renderer instead.

· While playing Speed Busters with your modem (whether directly or over the Internet), make sure your modem's driver is the one provided by your modem's manufacturer instead of using Microsoft's 'Standard Modem' drivers.

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E-mail: [email protected]

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Other countries: [email protected]

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