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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - AEterna Circlets Improvement Mod v2.2

File Info: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - AEterna Circlets Improvement Mod v2.2

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - AEterna Circlets Improvement Mod v2.2
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Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Sky Rim, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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Description: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - AEterna Circlets Improvement Mod v2.2

"This is an attempt to make more serious improvement to look of the circlets without changing their mesh. I tried to decorate them with few incrustations and the look of stones has been also changed. Of course I had to change resolution to 2048x1024 for circlets and 1024x1024 for stones. I hope you will like it."

Version history:

- Complete redesign of ornaments in comparison to older versions.
- Ornaments are much more dense than before.
- At last I found good set of parameters making light maps for ornaments. They are not too bright and not too dark while being in any place.
- Unfortunately despite there are four basic circlets: gold, silver, copper and... jade ? Is the last one proper name in English?... Anyway I couldn't made every one of them with different ornament because ornament is tightly bound with circlet light map and there is only one light map for all circlets. Hence I could use only one ornament type.
- Again jewels have been changed a little, especially colors. If you won't like them let me know. Changing jewels' colors is much simpler then making ornaments.

1.7 (experimental)
- Incrustation has been totally changed, although only in gold model they are visible quite normally. But... circlets are so small than if you want to see those ornaments more carefully (in gold version of course) you have to watch them from very close range.
- Light maps have been completely changed for whole circlet (there is only one set of maps for all circlets). In this version circlets are REALLY very shiny and bright! Like as if they ware made of brocade. Look at the picture. Some of you may not like it. Yet I found sometimes they can be pretty interesting :-).

This is the most reasonable version so far.
- Light maps (normal maps) has been added to incrustations making them more 3D like.
- Looking of jewels has been corrected. Now they resemble real jewels more than in v1.0.

- Adding incrustations to standard (original) textures of circlets.
- Changing looking of jewels.

What next?
- I will try to experiment with "engraving" various incrustations on circlets (with proper light maps of course). They will be either more dense or less dense but more deep (or convex).
- Generally there are four types of circlets in game (for now). I'd like to make every one of them unique as much as possible (e.g. every kind of circlet will have different incrustations and of course different color).

There are two ways:

1. if you don't use Nexus Mod Manager, simply download ZIP file, extract it and copy the contents to your Skyrim installation folder. But be aware: if you have another circlets mod already installed and you don't want to lose it then better backup the folder ..\Data\textures\armor\circlets.
2. If you use Nexus Mod Manager, click 'Download with Manager'. The rest you should know.

For those who use Nexus Mod Manager I will not explain how to do it :-)
To uninstall my mod manually:
a) From the folder ..\Data\textures\armor\circlets remove following files:
b) If you made backup of your previous files put them back into ..\Data\textures\armor\circlets folder.

I think that is all. I hope your beauties will be more beautiful with this version of circlets ;-).

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