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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Tytanis Ultimate Crafts, Items, Spells Mod v1.02

File Info: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Tytanis Ultimate Crafts, Items, Spells Mod v1.02

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Tytanis Ultimate Crafts, Items, Spells Mod v1.02
Also known as:
Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Sky Rim, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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Description: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Tytanis Ultimate Crafts, Items, Spells Mod v1.02

This modification is a collaboration between several modders to bring new crafts, items, spells and more to Skyrim. Read more information on the detailed additions this amazing mod adds. To install: Extract this file into your Data folder, tick Tytanis.esp and Load Loose Files.

From crafting to spells to houses, this mod will have everything! I will be updating this mod at least two to three times a day. As I said, this mod will HAVE EVERYTHING and MORE!

I am looking for modelers and texture artists to help out! Please shoot me a PM with a link to some of your work!

If you have done textures before and they are uploaded, please send me a PM with permission to use it and you may see it in the next update!

Works in progress:

Furniture crafting and placement
More custom spells/crafts/weapons/armors
More skill trees and perks
New custom animations
New interactive and world effecting decisions
Skyrim: Multiplayer (Freeworld, Co-Op and Arena) - I've finished recycling some old code of mine that I did for another single-player game. The only thing I'm waiting for is further development @ SKSE.
Houses - Two are already built, third one is a castle with quests.
Population - Hundreds of new NPCs, some with quests. - 5% completed
Mounts - Elk, Dragon
New menu styles with more features - 15% completed
Nexus Mod Manager Contributions
Full character XML dumping/tracking

Install: Extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\, tick Tytanis.esp and Load Loose Files.
Uninstall: Delete the files!

Italian version translation by Alessio891 - Thank you!
French version translation by LemanRush - Thank you!

Common Issues:

Invisible Custom Weapons / Armor - You need to tick "Load Loose Files" in Skyrim's default launcher.

Tanning Rack Crash - You have an incompatible mod, please post your mod list in the Bug Report discussion thread!

Crash before main screen - You have an incompatible mod, please do a trial and error to figure out which mod causes it!

Incompatible Mods for Italian translation:
Increased Spawns, Loot, and AI

Upcoming in the next patch:

Next update will include NEW MOUNTS! Dragons, Deer/Elks + more!

Recipe fixes.
New armor/weapons.
New spells.
Some gameplay changes.

Will re-edit shortly.

[This patch notice may be updated]

Removed the cubemap enhancer.
Packed missing Dwarven Stone armor textures
Added missing Purified Daedric textures

Beta phase of mounts! I didn't include dragons yet because it's currently corrupting saves, but I'll get on it once I wake up (I'm very, very tired right now). I also need to update the mounting animation...and if your bear or sabrecat are laying down, you can mount them but you won't be able to go anywhere. Just punch them in the face and when they get up, jump on!

Below are the codes for the available mounts. They will be tied into a quest or item later down the line but they need broader testing. I've tested these mounts up and down for any corruption issues and there's none. And yes, I know that they need saddles :P

player.placeatme 02109e3d - Mammoth
player.placeatme 02209e3d - Sabrecat
player.placeatme 02309e3d - Bear


Updated to AeonVita's Dragonbone Weapons v1.8
Updated to happy_spike's JewelCraft v0.14
Added firewood to a bunch of forge items.
Vanilla/original Dragonplate armor is not upgradeable when this mod is active. - FIXED
Can't upgrade the vanilla deadric boots anymore. - FIXED
Dropping mini-artifacts sometimes became unusable. - FIXED
Spears and pikes would disappear if dropped or given to follower. - FIXED
Upgrading Purified Golden Daedric Sword caused CTD. - FIXED
Purified Daedric Golden Cuirass fixed for females. - FIXED
Lowered silver ingot/leathers from scavenges to 1.
Removed soul gems from spell tomes, will be replaced by something else soon.
Rune thread no longer requires a soul gem, requires enchanted ink instead.
Golden Ebony Boots staying vanilla texture. - FIXED
Changed recipe of Personal Grinder to 1 Dwemer Gyro and 1 Diamond.
Imperial Spear and Imperial Pike can now be upgraded.
Mini-artifacts now upgradeable at the Skyforge.
Changed Rings of Power forging requirements to "Extra Effects", "Master Alteration" and "Arcane Smithing".
Changed Summoning Rings forging requirements to "Twin Souls", "Master Conjuration" and "Arcane Smithing".
Fixed a bug in Summoning Rings that caused the rings value to be insane.
Renamed summoning rings for better list sorting.
Fixed Purified Daedric Shield textures.
Added new armor set (male and female) - Dwarven Stone by Shinokage (upgradeable, will do armor improvements when I wake up).
New Holy Dust textures by Shinokage.
Changed most of the new ingredients effects.

The authors of Summoning Rings, Power Rings and HD Better Reflections have offered me permission to integrate their mods, so here they are!

wafiks HD Better Reflections For Armor and Weapons
Summoning Rings by StonedNarwhal
Rings of Power by Gawl40

From Rings of Power:

All rings are craftable at the Blacksmith Forge (from the Jewelry section) for the simple cost of YOUR SOUL (or someones soul anyway) neatly packaged in a Black Soul Gem.

Ring of Boethiah - The Ebony Mail's enchantment (Muffle, 5 per second poison damage dealt to enemies and the cloak of shadows.)

Ring of Assassins - The Ancient Shrouded Gloves' enchantment (Double sneak attack bonus.)

Ring of Hevnoraak - Hevnoraak's enchantment (100% immunity to poison and diseases.)

Ring of Spellbreaker - Spellbreaker's enchantment (Casts a ward that blocks 50 points of magic damage when blocking, no matter if its with a weapon or a shield.)

Ring of Talos - Reduces the Shout cooldown to zero. It will say its only reduced by 20% but it's really 100%.

Ring of Archmage - Has all the enchantments of the Archmage's Robes.

Rings of Power v3 has all the rings up to this point in one file - 11-30-11

Rings of Potions file added - 12-1-11, it contains:

Ring of Persuasion - 100 points to Speechcraft

Ring of Phantom - Appear spectral

Ring of Enchantment - Enchantments are 100% stronger

Ring of Restoration - Restoration spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Illusion - Illusion spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Destruction - Destruction spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Alteration - Alteration spells last 100% longer

Ring of Conjuration - Conjuration spells last 100% longer

They will say for 0 seconds but that's just a description error.

From Summoning Rings:

This mod currently adds 7 rings that summon a variety of different creatures permanently. So far I have added:
-Ring of Arniel's Shade (00931e01)
-Ring of Dragon Priest (00931e02)
-Ring of Dremora Lord (00931e03)
-Ring of Flame Thrall (00931e04)
-Ring of Frost Thrall (00931e05)
-Ring of Storm Thrall (00931e06)
-Ring of Familiar (00931e07)


Alright, this update is mainly based on balance and organization. I've cleaned up a bunch of the Tanning Rack and Forge recipes.

Some examples:

For Spell Tomes to appear on your Tanning Rack, you must first make a Blank Spell Tome.
Staffs now require Dwarven or Ebony Smithing (depending on the model of the staff) to show up.
Spell Tomes now require Novice-Master perks relating to their school level.
Many more have been done and will stay updated.

Also, new items: Imperial Spear, Imperial Pike and Bear Trap
New Spell: Conjure Clone

As of right now, the Spear and Pike cannot be upgraded (will be included in the next update).
For the Bear Trap, you may only set only craft ONE. I did this to prevent it from being over-powered.

Note: There WILL BE more spear/pike types and models. There WILL BE more different traps you can place! Just give me some more time :)
If you would like to help by modeling them and doing textures, shoot me a PM!


Smelter list is a mess FIXED
Couldn't upgrade Purified Daedric Boots FIXED
Couldn't upgrade Blood Dragonplate armors. FIXED
Gold Ebony armor maintained vanilla color. FIXED
Mine names FIXED
Chest names and crash FIXED


Gold Purified Daedric armor looks like the normal version, and helmet makes head invisible NEED MORE INFO
NPC's names show symbols FIXED
Ore veins have symbols next to the name NEED MORE INFO

New mini-artifact weapons with enchanted FX! You can find these in certain locations (secret, no spoilers please). There are two of each enchanted swords spread out across the land in select chests that have a 10% chance for each mini-artifact to show up:

Tamriel's Storm
Dragon's Breath
Glacial Tide

(See the video here:

When you have any two of the swords listed above, you can combine them to make artifact greatswords, dual wielding too!

Tamriel's Storm + Dragon's Breath would create the greatsword Firestorm.
Glacial Tide + Dragon's Breath = Terra Nova.

And so on (yes, they can even be combined with the same element)! Users may post what the rest of the recipes and names are but NOT where they are located. Still working on the greatswords and other forms of artifacts (axes, maces, daggers, etc)

(I will also be creating universal enchantment effects if desired)

If you have a bug, please report it in the bugs discussion thread and please do a FULL report.


Weapon/Armor/Item Name:
My characters race and gender:
The close to exact symbols that appear:
Other mods installed:


NOTICE: Go to your Meshes/Weapons/Ebony folder and delete 1stpersonebonygreatsword.nif. It was a typo which resulted in players normal ebony greatswords to be affected.

We are now partnered with Valdosa's Val's Crafting Meltdown and Wolferoo's Cooking Recipes! These have been integrated and we will be working together in the future to do some amazing stuff :)

General Changes:

Custom item mesh/texture updates!

Shinokage has made new textures for most of the dusts which look great!

happy_spike has made new meshes and textures for threads, the dragon skull, and jewelery settings!

When you dual-wield two-handers with Warmaster weapons, you are pointed to the one-handed tree! (You will start leveling up on the one-handed tree).

"Holy Daedric" changed to "Purified Daedric".

Bug Fixes:

Save games getting corrupt due to elemental arrow.
All dual-wield two-handed animations should work now!
Armor upgrades for the custom armors.
Symbol names for mines affected by JewelCraft (remind me to message him about the fix).

Various other small fixes.

From Wolferoo's Cooking Recipes:

* Includes 5 new foods with hour long buffs for skills and regeneration.
* Includes 20+ new foods for short term buffs
* Includes more powerful restore health foods, enhanced vision food, water breathing food
* Refine sugar from honey to make candy
* Non-Alchemists are no longer so dependent on potions
* Modifies original recipes to no longer need salt (NoSaltRecipes.esp)
* Sauteed Amanita (2H Weapons)
* Fish Head Soup (Restoration)
* Poached Warbler Egg (1H Weapons)
* Elf Salad (Marksman)
* Baked Skeever (Light Armor)
* Grilled White Cap (Heavy Armor)
* Gelatin (Destruction)
* Mana Biscuit (Conjuration)
* Stuffed Crowns (Block)
* Sushi (Alteration)
* Marinated Pholiota (Illusion)
* Mushroom Kabob (Lockpick)
* Riverbottom Rum (Pickpocket)
* Blackened Blisterwort (Smithing)
* Fish Sticks (Sneak)
* Egg White Omelette (Invisibility)
* Giant Toe Jam (Carry)
* Field Salad (Barter)
* Blue Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Health)
* Red Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Majicka)
* Purple Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Stamina)
* Tomato Juice (Restore Majicka)
* Draugr Porridge (1H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Chili Con Vex (Lockpicking, Pickpocket, and Sneak)
* Mushroom Soup (Illusion, Conjuration, Majicka Regen)
* Hagraven Stew (Destruction, Majicka Regen)
* Ysgramor's Feast (2H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Cooked Carrots (Enhanced Vision)
* Caviar (Water Breathing)
* Mashed Potatoes (Restore Health)
* Red Apple Pie (Restore Health)
* Green Apple Pie (Restore Stamina)
* Horker and Venison Jerky (Restore Health)
* Apple Cider (Restore Majicka)
* Cheesy Bread (Restore Health)
* Lavender Goat (Restore Health And Stamina)
* Baked Potato (1 Potato)
* Black Briar Reserve (5 Black Briar Mead)
* Grilled Leeks (1 Leeks)
* Juniper Mead (Honningbrew or Black Briar Mead, Juniper Berries)
* Cut Goat Cheese Wheel or Sliced Wheel Into Slices (4 and 2)
* Honey (3 Honeycomb)
* Sauteed Amanita (2 Fly Amanita, 2 Dragon's Tongue)
* Fish Head Soup (2 Cyrodilic Spadetail, 2 Abecean Longfin)
* Poached Warbler Egg (2 Rock Warbler Egg, 2 Hanging Moss)
* Elf Salad (2 Elves Ear, 2 Juniper Berry)
* Baked Skeever (2 Skeever Tail, 2 Thistle)
* Grilled White Cap (2 White Cap, 2 Thistle)
* Gelatin (2 Glowing Mushroom, 2 Nightshade)
* Mana Biscuit (2 Blue Butterfly Wing, 2 Bone Meal)
* Stuffed Crowns (2 Bleeding Crown, 2 Tundra Cotton)
* Sushi (2 River Betty, 2 Grass Pod)
* Marinated Pholiota (2 Scaly Pholiota, 2 Dragon's Tongue)
* Mushroom Kabob (2 Namira's Rot, 1 Lockpick)
* Riverbottom Rum (2 Nordic Barnacle, 2 Slaughterfish Egg)
* Blackened Blisterwort (2 Blisterwort, 2 Charcoal(small))
* Fish Sticks (2 Abecean Longfin, 2 Frost Mirriam)
* Egg White Omelette (2 Chaurus Egg, 2 Nirnroot)
* Giant Toe Jam (1 Giant's Toe, 2 Creep Cluster)
* Field Salad (2 Dragon's Tongue, 2 Tundra Cotton)
* Blue Mountain Flower Candy (2 Blue Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Red Mountain Flower Candy (2 Red Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Purple Mountain Flower Candy (2 Purple Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Tomato Juice (1 Carrot, 5 Tomato)
* Draugr Porridge (5 Bone Meal, 2 Nord Mead)
* Chili Con Vex (Ectoplasm, Garlic, Skeever Tail)
* Mushroom Soup (Bleeding Crown, Fly Amanita, White Cap, Spiced Wine)
* Hagraven Stew (2 Hagraven Claws, Venison, Alto Wine(plain bottle))
* Ysgramor's Feast (Bear Claws, Daedra Heart, Troll Fat)
* Caviar (Slaughterfish Egg)
* Mashed Potatoes (4 Potatoes, Salt)
* Green Apple Pie (5 Green Apple, 2 Wheat, Sugar)
* Red Apple Pie (5 Red Apple, 2 Wheat, Sugar)
* Horker Jerky (Horker Meat, Salt)
* Venison Jerky (Venison, Salt)
* Apple Cider (10 Red Apples, 10 Green Apples, 4 Red Mtn Flower)
* Cheesy Bread (1 Bread (loaf), 1 Slice of Goat cheese)
* Lavender Goat (1 Leg of Goat, 3 Lavender)
* Sugar (2 Red or Green Apple)
* Sugar x 10 (1 Honey)
* Deer Pelt -> Leather
* Dwemer lever, cog, gear -> Dwarven Ingot
* Skull, troll skull -> Bone Meal
* Skeever tail -> Charred Skeever

From Valdosa's Meltdown:

----Melting Down Armor back into raw materials----

----Crafting Leather out of Leather Armor----
--Leather Armor--
--Hide Armor--
--Scale Armor--
--Light Imperial Armor--
--Stormcloak Armor--
--Forsworn Armor
--Theives Guild
--Fur Armor
--Night Scale

----Melting Down Weapons back into raw materials----

-Steel-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Glass-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Ebony-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Dwarven(Dwmer)-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Elven-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Orcish-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Falmar-[Swords, Axes, Bows, Shields, Armor]
-Forsworn-[Swords, Axes, Shields, Bows, Armor]
-Legendary (Artifacts) (Wuuthrad, Eye of Magnus ect)

----Fletching Arrows from Firewood, Feathers, and Ingots-----

----Melting Down useless "MISC" Items----
--Candle Sticks--
--And more (Yes, I added so many I forgot the rest)--

----Tear up MISC Items and Wooden Bows into Crafting Materials----
--Wooden Plates--
--Burned Books--
--Ruined Books--
--Wooden Bowls--
--Other Wooden Objects--
--Imperial Bows--
--Hunting Bows--
--Troll Skulls to Bone-Meal--
--Skulls to Bone-Meal--
--Mammoth Tusks to Bone-Meal & Powder--
--Tusks to Bone-Meal--
--Cast Iron Pans--

----Smelt Down Gold/Silver Rings & Amulets----

----Smelt Down Stolen Jewelry to safely make off with the gems----


We are now partnered with JewelCraft and Sparkles! JewelCraft was made by happy_spike and we are working together to create a more in-depth craft list for jewelers. Sparkles Texture Packs are sets of various NICE texture sets for the world made by Sparklepaws.

Fixed dual-wield animations (only Greatswords for now, will update!)
Fixed a few CTD issues.
All custom Armors and Weapons now have the ability to be upgraded.
Fixed Nightingale issue where you wouldn't get it after crafting.
Fixed NPC names.
Various other small fixes.

JewelCraft Integration:

Changed Steel Ingot Recipe : 1 Iron Ingot, 2 Charcoal
Renamed Corundum to Copper
Renamed Malachite to Moldavite *(don't worry malachite lovers it will be back as a gem!)
Added Topaz and Flawless Topaz as new gemstones
Like Onyx they are in the gem leveled lists.
Added Silver Topaz Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Topaz *(more topaz jewellery coming)
Added Onyx and Flawless Onyx as gemstones into the game.
Added those gems into the gem leveled lists so will randomly appear anywhere other gems do, including merchants!
Changed the recipes for anything onyx to use the new gems instead of the ebony ore placeholder.
Fixed the issue where new objects don't persist when a save game is loaded
Added the Nightingale Amulet : 2 Ebony Ingot, 1 Deadra Heart
Changed all of the Ore Veins for the mineral renames to now say Copper and Moldavite
Added Silver Ruby Circlet : 2 Silver Ingots, 3 Rubys
Added Silver Emerald Circlet : 2 Silver Ingots, 3 Emeralds
Added more gem/metal combos. There is now a silver and gold ring for each gem in the game
Added Religious amulets as charms with no enchantments
Added new Skull Pendant gem combinations

Ruby Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Ruby, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Sapphire Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Sapphire, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Garnet Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Garnet, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Emerald Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Emerald, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Diamond Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Diamond, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Amethyst Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Amethyst, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Onyx Skull Pendant : 1 Onyx, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Moonstone Skull Pendant : 1 Moonstone Ore, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot

Akatosh Charm : 1 Copper Ingot
Arkay Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Garnet
Dibella Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Amethyst
Julianos Charm : 1 Silver Ingot
Kynareth Charm : 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Moonstone Ore
Mara Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Moonstone Ore
Stendarr Chram : 1 Copper Ingot
Talos Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Leather Strips
Zenithar Charm : 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Leather Strips
Tristar Talisman : 1 Silver Ingot. 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Perfect Onyx

Silver Emerald Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Emerald
Silver Diamond Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Diamond
Gold Ruby Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Ruby
Gold Amethyst Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Amethyst
Gold Garnet Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Garnet
Added Silver and Sapphire Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Sapphire
Fixed missing steel recipe
Added Charcoal recipe : 1 Firewood = 4 charcoal
Added Ancient Nordic Amulet : 1 Dragonbone, 1 Leather Strips
Added craftable circlets
*(may have lower or higher grade stones in the future to balance costs)
-Silver and Moonstone : 2 Silver Ingots, 1 Refined Moonstone
-Silver and Sapphire : 2 Silver Ingots, 1 Perfect Sapphire, 2 Sapphires
-Copper and Ruby : 2 Copper Ingots, 3 Rubys
-Copper Sapphire : 2 Copper Ingots, 3 Sapphires
-Copper and Onyx : 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Onyx
-Copper and Moonstone : 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Refined Moonstone
-Gold and Ruby : 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Perfect Ruby, 2 Sapphires *(to be renamed Gold, Ruby and
Sapphire Circlet. Will add one that is actually all ruby later)
-Gold and Emerald : 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Perfect Emerald, 2 Emeralds
-Jade and Emerald : 2 Orichalcum Ingots, 1 Perfect Emerald, 2 Emeralds
-Jade and Sapphire: 2 Orichalcum Ingots, 1 Perfect Sapphire, 2 Sapphires
*(might just leave these two as Orichalcum, cause it looks a lot like nephrite jade )


New items: Blank Power Tome, Dragon Brain, Runic Nightingale Sword, Gold Ebony Cuirass, Gold Ebony Gauntlets, Gold Ebony Boots, Gold Ebony Helmet, Ancient Argonian Scratches, Ancient Dark Elven Text, Ancient Wood Elven Text, Redguard Secret Handbook, Secret Imperial Knowledge, Ancient Altmer Text, Ancient Aldmeri-Nedic Manmer Text, Ancient Orsimer Glyphs, Karliah's Secret, Mysterious Khajiit Notes

New spells: Divine Light, Fire Bomb

New powers: Karliah's Secret

SCAVENGER HUNT! (Notice: Posting locations where these items are found will be considered as SPOILERS which will result in your account being reported!)

Ancient Argonian Scratches, Ancient Dark Elven Text, Ancient Wood Elven Text, Redguard Secret Handbook, Secret Imperial Knowledge, Ancient Altmer Text, Ancient Aldmeri-Nedic Manmer Text, Ancient Orsimer Glyphs, Karliah's Secret, and Mysterious Khajiit Notes can be found on SELECT NPC's in the world...some can be pickpocketed or killed to get these items. These items are used to create POWER TOMES. Now you can learn RACIAL POWERS if you come across these items.

Nightingale Armor and Weapon Set
The Blades Armor and Weapon Set

0.40 will consist of custom armor/weapon enchants and temper additions + more!


v0.39 fixes:

-Gold ingot only smelts down to 10 gold coins

-Ebony Frost Arrows do not require Frost Salts

-No Ebony Shock Arrows recipe

-Meteorite misspelled

-Titanium dust requires itself to make

-New conjuration spells are buggy

-Some items not showing up on the menus


New perk effect:

Warmaster (Two-handed) will now grant you the ability to DUAL WIELD TWO-HANDED WEAPONS. You may hold a Greatsword with another Greatsword together or mix it up! You can also just hold one two-hander and use the other hand freely.

New items:

Holy Dust
Dragon Blood
Warmaster's (All Weapons here (Iron Battleaxe, Steel Warhammer, Dwarven Greatsword, etc etc))
Blood Dragonplate Set (textures by Shinokage with permission)
Dragonbone Weapons (with permission by AeonVita)
Daedric Golden/White Armors and Weapons (with permission by 3rd3m)

(All weapons and armors are SEPERATE from the vanilla ones!)

PLEASE SEND SOME ENDORSEMENTS TO THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE ME PERMISSION TO USE THEIR FILES! - Shinokage's Textures - AeonVita's Dragonbone Weapons - 3rd3m's Weapon Textures - 3rd3m's Armor Textures

New items: Dragon Skull, Dragon Eye, Dragon Meat, Dragon Saliva, Dragon Heart, Coffee Bean, Brewed Coffee

New spells with tomes: Conjure Spectral Bear, Conjure Spectral Sabretooth Cat, Conjure Spectral Mammoth, Conjure Spectral Troll, Conjure Undead Dragon, Conjure Skeleton Archer, Conjure Skeleton Mage, Conjure Skeleton Warrior

Fixes: Moved some stuff to ingredients to make use of them. Fixed a couple of glitches. Added new items in loot tables.

0.38 will have more conjure spells along with other schools and will be a big NEW armor and weapon update!

Fixed Infused Armor
New items: Titanium Ore, Titanium Ingot, Platinum Ore, Platinum Ingot, Titanium Dust, Diamond Dust, Emerald Dust, Ruby Dust, Sapphire Dust, Amethyst Dust, Garnet Dust, Fire Stone, Frost Stone, Thunder Stone, Personal Grindestone, Silver Setting, Gold Setting, Platinum Setting, Jeweler's Kit, Meteorite, Meteorite Dust

New items: Mammoth Furs, Mammoth Wool, Spider Silk, Silk Thread, Silver Thread, Gold Thread, Rune Thread, Glass Thread, Ebony Thread, Dwarven Thread, Elven Thread, Quicksilver Thread, Dragon Thread, Thunder Salts

(These will all have a purpose soon and there are a LOT more new items coming into play)

100+ Scavenge/Smelt Down Items Added!

New items! Blank Spell Tome, Enchanted Paper, Enchanted Quill, Enchanted Leather and Enchanted Ink - All spell tomes moved to the tanning rack + recipe updates!

Four new spells! Polymorph: Chicken, Polymorph: Hare, Polymorph: Mudcrab, Polymorph: Dremora - with craftable spell tomes!

Soul gems are now craftable!

(More coming soon!)

For you Steel lovers, as BosmerSpock requested, you may now INFUSE your Steel armor! Create Steel armor that is as powerful as Dwarven...Orcish...or DAEDRIC! It looks like Steel but it can take a bigger beating! See the screenshots for a small demo!

A few bug fixes as well.

Added Inkwell and changed tomes to use it instead of Charcoal! (Thanks for idea Adicne!)
Critical Fix - Arrows now stay in inventory after loading saves! - (Thanks for the bug report jomoroon!)
Fixed some more items not showing up at the cooking pot and tanning rack!

Small fix to a few items not showing up + ability to create linen and paper from tanning rack!

Couple of tanning items available now (mage robes) + some item changes!

More crafts, tomes, smelting and cooking!

(Incompatible with other crafting mods)

Craft new things from unique items to arrows (fire, frost and shock!).
Most of the missing items have been added to the temper and craft list.
Melt down steel items into ingots (will update with more).
Create Spelltomes! (Will add more soon).

Currently adding new spells, more craftables, more meltables, housing updates, global stay tuned!

Showcase video:

Iron Arrow, Steel Arrows, Elven Arrows, Dwarven Arrows, Orcish Arrows, Falmer Arrows, Draugr Arrows, Daedric Arrows, Holy Gold Daedric Arrows, Dragon Arrows

Fire, Frost, Shock Arrows

Staff Of Summon Flame Atronach, Staff Of Summon Frost Atronach Staff Of Summon Storm Atronach, Staff Of Summon Soul Trapping, Staff Of The Familiar, Staff Of Zombies, Staff Of Icy Spear, Staff Of Incinerate, Staff Of Thunderbolt, Staff Of Wall Of Flame, Staff Of Ice Storm, Staff Of Sparks, Staff Of Fear, Staff Of Firebolt, Staff Of Paralyze

Silver Sword, Silver Greatsword

Daedric Holy Gold Full Weapon Set
Dragonbone Full Weapon Set
Warmaster's Full Weapon Set - All Metals

Steel Infused Daedra Full Armor Set
Dwarven Infused Nord Full Armor Set
Orcish Infused Nord Full Armor Set
Daedric Holy Gold Full Armor Set
Blood Dragonplate Full Armor Set


Temper (Missing Items from Vanilla)
Skyforge Steel Dagger
Silver Sword
Silver Greatsword
Gilded Wristbands
Scaled Horn Cuirass
Shrouded Maskless Cowl
Shield of Ysgramor
Woodcutter's Axe
Draugr (Ancient Nord) Bow
Nord Hero Bow
Tumblerbane Gloves
Clavicus Vile Mask
Fine Armguards
Falmer Bow
Ebony Blade #1
Ebony Blade #5
Headman's Axe
Drain Heart Sword
Drain Blood Sword
Nightingale Blade
Dragon Priest Dagger


All arrow types + fire, frost and shock arrows
Silver Sword
Silver Greatsword
Woodcutter's Axe
Headsman's Axe

Gilded Wristbands

Staff of Summon Flame Atronach
Staff of Summon Frost Atronach
Staff of Summon Soul Atronach
Staff of Soul Trapping
Staff of Conjure Familiar
Staff of Zombies
Staff of Icy Spear
Staff of Incinerate
Staff of Thunderbolt
Staff of Wall of Flame
Staff of Sparks
Staff of Firebolt
Staff of Ice Storm
Staff of Paralyze

Spell Tome of Summon Flame Atronach
Spell Tome of Summon Frost Atronach
Spell Tome of Summon Soul Atronach
Spell Tome of Invisiblity
Spell Tome of Candlelight
Spell Tome of Magelight
Spell Tome of Detect Life
Spell Tome of Oakflesh
Spell Tome of Clairvoyance
Spell Tome of Transmute
Spell Tome of Frostbite
Spell Tome of Close Wounds
Spell Tome of Fast Healing
Spell Tome of Healing
Spell Tome of Conjure Familiar

Hawk Fletchings
Hagraven Fletchings
Quill Fletchings
Bee in a Jar
Moth in a Jar
Butterfly in a Jar
Dragonfly in a Jar
Golden Ship
Model Ship
Skeleton Key
Honey Jar

Steel items to ingots
Gold ignots to gold coins (100)

Tanning Rack
Shrouded Robe
Shrouded Boots
Roll of Paper
Linen Wrap
Bundle of Fletchings

Frost Salts
Fire Salts

FAQ by Alessio:


Here's a quick Q&A. It will be added in the description soon, Tytanis is just full of work right now to update it, but he will eventually.
Please note that this Q&A was for 0.391. It will be updated soon.


.: I used to answer questions, but then i took an arrow to the knee :.

Q: Some of the npcs, for example Balgruuf, have their name messed up! What should i do?
A: You are probably using v0.39 of the mod wich bugged those names. Just download v0.41 and you should be fine.

Q: Still, when they talk, their names appear as weird characters.
A: That will be fixed soon.

Q: Hey! I can't find the Nightingale armor set in the crafting menu, where is it?
A: You can find Nighingale Armor under Misc, using a forge. He made it so it requires you to have Ebony Smithing to craft them.

Q: I can't upgrade many of your armorsweapons! How can i fix this?
A: Tytanis is working on it, he's adding all the upgrades for new weapons. Just wait for 0.40 or later releases.

Q: Dual wield animation is weird. What should i do?
A: Dual wield animation is indeed weird at the moment, but Tytanis is working to make it better looking. You should see some improvement from v0.40

Q: Are you going to add new houses to the game?
A: Tytanis already has some houses built, he only needs the CK and then he can add those to the game. Stay tuned ;)

Q: I have the Warmaster perk but can't equip two twohanded weapons. How come?
A: You are probably trying to equip two normal weapons. You have to use the Warmaster's weapons! These are weapons suited for dual wielding! You can craft these weapons at the forge, under their respective category (GlassEbony etc.).

Q: Can you translate your mod in ?
A: Alessio891 (the translator of Tytanismod) can translate in any language you want. Just ask him for the Strings Translation list, compile it, send it back and you'll have your translated version in no time!

Q: Is this mod compatible with ?
A: At the moment, the only reported compatible crafting mode is Cooking Expanded. Other mods are not compatible. Do not worry, though, since most of the things you had in that mod, are already included in Tytanis. Also he's working with other modders to make things more compatible.
UPDATE: JewelCraft, Cooking Expanded and Val's meltdown are now integrated in Tytanis mod.

Q: Hi, i'm italian and my version of the mod crashes the game before i can even get in the main menu. How can i fix it?
A: For some strange reason, the italian version will not work if you have a mod called "Increased loot, spawn and AI.esp" or any other mod involving Loot. Try to disable that and try again.

Q: Hi, it's still me, the italian guy. I disabled the modI don't use that mod and the game still crashes. Give me a fix or i'll find you, i swear!
A: Ok you're using the non fixed version then. Just use this patch:

Q: How long 'til the next update?
A: Tytanis is working really hard on the mod, but you have to remember that he also has toddlers to look after and he's basically working on it alone. Nevertheless, you can except an average of an update per day.

Q: I have a question that it's not in this list. Can you answer me?
A: Sure! Send me a PM and i'll be glad to answer any question i can.


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