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Lands of Lore 3 v1.07A

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File Info: Lands of Lore 3 v1.07A

Lands of Lore 3 v1.07A
Westwood Studios
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Lands of Lore 3
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Description: Lands of Lore 3 v1.07A

A big patch for Lands of Lore 3, see "More Info for details.

1. Bug Fixes

1.1. Direct3D

* Fixed Direct3D initialization crashes
* Direct3D video card selection now works correctly for
users with multiple Direct3D video cards (e.g., TNT and
Voodoo in the same system)
* Fixed lockups on cards that support paletted textures
* Transparent (irregular-shaped) textures now render in
color instead of dark grey
* Transparent (irregular-shaped) textures no longer render
with streaks and/or rectangular outlines
* Fixed blending mode bugs
* Translucent textures now render as originally intended
* Added command line switches to help work around problems
on some video cards

1.2. Game System

* Cache file will now always be rebuilt correctly after an
abnormal shutdown
* Fixed a crash when running with Microsoft's Active Desktop
* Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping CDs
* Fixed sound lockup problems under Windows NT
* Picking up multiple flashpots works correctly
* Conversations will work correctly even if volume is at
its minimum setting
* Items will no longer become invisible
* Pyra pods now work correctly
* Fixed random crashes after a cinematic has played
* Alt-Tab, or losing focus, no longer crashes the game

1.3. Gameplay

* Problems getting Warrior and Wizard quests have been
* Infinite experience bug has been fixed in the Frozen Wastes
* Quests that do not get crossed out when completed are fixed
* Can no longer get a second shard from the white tower when
visiting the level after closing the portal
* Mauri no longer floats in the air
* Sped up drawing when items are moving down into the
* Can now get out of a secret room in Lower Gladstone
* Added sound effect to the prism sword
* Will no longer get stuck by being teleported to the wrong
locations when picking up the sigil and seal
* Fixed crash when attacking the case in the white tower
where you receive the hilt after already getting the hilt


2. New Features

Right-click on the journal while in the world to see the current and
past 25 conversations.


3. Troubleshooting

3.1. Virtual Memory Settings

LOL III may need to use more RAM than is physically present
on your system. Windows 95/98 automatically takes care of
this by using what is known as "Virtual Memory" - it uses
space on your hard disk to simulate the memory it needs and
swaps data back and forth from your hard disk as required.
Windows 95/98 allows you to manually set the amount of hard
drive space it uses for Virtual Memory. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND
THAT YOU DO NOT DO THIS! To let Windows 95/98 manage the
Virtual Memory, go to the START menu, select SETTINGS\CONTROL
PANEL, then double-click SYSTEM, click PERFORMANCE\FILE
SYSTEM\VIRTUAL MEMORY and then select "Let Windows manage my
virtual memory settings (recommended)".

3.2. Disable Background Applications

Please disable all applications running in the background
while playing LOL III. One example of a background
application is Norton Anti-Virus. Having other applications
run in the background while playing LOL III can cause
spurious lockups and crashes.

3.3. Disable Triple Buffering Option on 3dfx Cards

Enabling advanced features on 3dfx cards can cause spurious
rendering problems, like missing monsters and textures.
Please ensure that your 3dfx display driver is configured to
the manufacturer's default settings when playing LOL III on a
3dfx-based card.

3.4. Update Your BIOS

Updating the BIOS on some systems may clear up many problems,
such as random lockups and rendering errors, particularly on
Super-7 motherboards. Please contact your PC or motherboard
vendor for more information on BIOS upgrades.

3.5. Command Line Switches

These are parameters that can be used when running LOL III.
They must have the leading '-' character and be in all CAPS.
These can be added to the shortcut for LOL III to provide
the following features:

* -D3DNONSQUARE - Enable support for non-square textures;
this feature may be supported by your
video card, and if so, may improve

* -D3DMONOLIGHTMAPS - May improve performance at the expense
of some visual accuracy

* -D3DPERMEDIA2 - Enable workarounds to support the 3Dlabs
Permedia 2 chipset, including monochrome
light maps

* -D3DNOVERTEXCOLOR - May improve performance at the expense
of visual accuracy; also provides a
non-colored hardware accelerated view
that looks more like the software
display mode

* -D3DFUZZYEDGES - Reverts edge blending back to the method
used in the release version (1.05) of

* -CACHE_50 - Reduce the amount of memory required by the
game; may fix memory errors and "not enough
free hard drive space" I/O errors

* -SAFEMODE - Force LOL III to use the software renderer
when the game is launched; use this parameter
if the game will not start up properly

3.6. Direct3D video cards known to work with version 1.06J

The following is a list of Direct3D video cards and driver
versions that we have tested here at Westwood, and are known
to work correctly with LOL III version 1.06J. This is
provided for informational purposes only; we do not guarantee
that the same card and driver combination will work for every
combination of PC hardware, only that we have tested the card
and driver and that they are likely to work. In some cases
it was necessary to revert to the "reference driver" for the
chipset, to get a reliable 3D driver. Also, some version
numbers listed below may not match third-party driver
versions. We recommend that if you have rendering problems
with 3D games, you should always first try and contact your
3D card vendor for the latest driver update. Most vendors
update their drivers frequently to fix bugs, and this often
solves many rendering problems with 3D cards; also, most
vendors have websites with free driver downloads. Check out for a list
of hardware vendor links that can be useful for finding
driver updates.

Also, if you are using a 3dfx-based card, we highly recommend
using Glide, as a display driver, instead of Direct3D, for
those cards.

Versions listed below are Direct3D driver versions.

3dfx Voodoo/Rush: version
3dfx Voodoo2: version
3dfx Voodoo Banshee: version
3dfx Voodoo3: version
nVidia Riva TNT: version
ATI Rage 128: version 4.11.6076
Rendition Verite 2200: version 4.03.3309
Intel/Real3D i740/Starfighter: version 4.11.2407-981207
Matrox G200: version
3Dlabs Permedia 2: version 4.10.2105-364
Chromatic Research Mpact: version

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