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Steroids is an arcade-style shooter. You're a scientist trying to stop some "crazy thugs" from escaping, using your steroids gun to defeat them. However, there's a catch: the steroids gun makes them faster with every shot, so you have to move fast and shoot them enough times to dispatch them. SteroidS is not just about shooting everything on sight, as players need to constantly evade and stop enemies that have become faster.

Six gameplay modes.
Six different arena designs (with unique looks), used to make players think of different strategies while being cool to be in.
Special enemies that don't quite fit the scenario but are fun to watch, and are worth more points.
Environment traps (also known as "containment protocol") to keep players on their toes on higher progression levels.
A dark sense of humor, from the level and enemy designs to everything else!
Simple WASD-style controls

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