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Anno 2070 Patch v1.02

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File Info: Anno 2070 Patch v1.02

Anno 2070 Patch v1.02
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Also known as:
2070 A.D.
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Description: Anno 2070 Patch v1.02

This patch will update Anno 2070 to version 1.02 and includes first ornamental buildings for Ecos and Tycoons, game stability improved and more. Patch details are in the extended description.

Patch Changes:

• First Ornamental Buildings for Ecos and Tycoons implemented.
• Stability and performance improved for several system specs.
• Unit limit increased.
• Fixed an issue in the winning screen of several campaign missons.
• Fixed a severe graphical issue that occurred on Windows XP with graphics cards of the ATI-Radeon-HD 2000 and 3000 series.

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