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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Detailed Bodies Mod v1.3

File Info: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Detailed Bodies Mod v1.3

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Detailed Bodies Mod v1.3
Also known as:
Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Sky Rim, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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Description: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Detailed Bodies Mod v1.3

This modification increases the body textures and specular maps in detail and size (4096 compared to the old 2048 ones). Increased detail to skin texture has been added increase it 4096x4096. This mod affects the following races, both male and female: Imperial, Nord, Breton, Redguard, Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Orc.

You can find the original source of the file at the Skyrimnexus.

Detailed Bodies
- by Xenius

>> Description

I made this mod to match the bodies to my Detailed Faces mod.

The method I used is identical to that mod. Body textures and specular maps
have been increased in detail and size (4096 vs the old 2048 ones).
Specular maps (these determine the glossiness), have been made the same way as
Bethesda's, using slightly blurred noise, I did this at a higher resolution.

Detail of the skin textures has been increased by using a seamless human skin
texture resource. I filled an 8192x8192 image with this resource, then decreased
the size to 4096x4096 and applied it to the original body and hand textures.
Due to the added layers the amount of dirt on the skin has been slightly
decreased, but not completely removed.

On the comparison images you'll notice a slight difference in color, don't
worry about this, if you use "Detailed Faces" it will match fine.

I know it's quite hard to see the difference on some of the images, if you
open them in a new tab in your browser and zoom them in you'll see it better.

While looking at the comparison images, I noticed the female body has
blocky parts similar to the faces, artifacts caused by compression of the object
space normal maps. I have smoothed the normal map of the female body and the
hands of both genders. The male body was not necessary, the artifacts only
appear on parts that should be smooth, when there are many tiny details, like
on the male body, the artifacts do not occur.

This mod affects the following races, male and female including
old characters:

Dark Elf
High Elf
Wood Elf

Also note that:

- This is not a nude mod
- This is not a cleaner skin mod

>> Installation

Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Skyrim folder.

You can find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

To those who are new to using Elder Scrolls mods:

- You do not have to extract the .bsa archives. The folder provided by
this mod has the same structure as the inside of the .bsa archive, it will
override the textures that are included in the .bsa file.
- Do not worry about the Data folder that already exists, the folder provided
by this mod will be merged with the existing folder, it will not be overwritten.

>> Uninstallation

Remove the following files:


>> Compatibility

The following mods are all compatible with each other:

Detailed Faces
Detailed Bodies
Detailed Lips
No More Blocky Faces
High Quality Eyes
Better Beast Races

>> Requirements


>> Version History

[15-11-11] 1.0 Release
[16-11-11] 1.1 Update - Slightly edited to fit Detailed Faces v2.0 better
[25-11-11] 1.2 Update - Improved nails, hand specular made to fit the rest of the body better
[25-11-11] 1.3 Update - Less shiny nails

>> Credits

Thanks to borysses for the seamless skin resource
Thanks to Bethesda - for creating Skyrim

>> Distribution Permission

- You may use the content for your own mods, permission from me is required.
- You may not redistribute this mod in any way or claim it as your own.

Permission will not be granted in the following cases:

- Usage of my content for a nude mod
- Usage of my content for a compilation

Please refrain from asking permission in these cases.
Negotiation is out of the question.

Regarding translations:

This is the only exception to the first part of the second rule.
You are allowed to redistribute this mod on a foreign website, only on the following conditions:

- You will not redistribute here on Nexus
- You will leave the original file structure intact
- You will include the original readme
- You will link back to the original file here at Nexus
- You will notify me and send me a link to the foreign page
- Most importantly: you will have to credit me as the original author

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