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Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04

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File Info: Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04

Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04
Also known as:
Driver PS3, Driver 5, Driver SF
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Description: Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04

This patch contains v1.04 update for Driver San Francisco. Read More Information for more detailed patch notes.

Patch 1.01

List of changes:
Fixed ALT+TAB feature: in some specific cases using ALT+TAB disrupt the normal game functionality.
Improved Online stability and performance on low end machines: rarely, in certain situations, the game becomes not stable or not synchronized during the Online sessions.
Improved Online stability on poor internet connection.
Offline mode: in some very specific gameplay choices the game becomes unresponsive. This will no longer happen.
Localization: several text strings now have proper translations and positions.
Menu/ HUD interface: fixed hint icons representation for the several localized keyboards.
Menus/HUD elements: added mouse sensitivity customization and a few previously missing controls.
Sound in the Online mode – in some specific cases sound becomes corrupted during the Online play.
Patch 1.02

List of changes:
Uplay reward system fixed

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