Heroes of Might & Magic VI Patch v1.2.1 (International)

File Info: Heroes of Might & Magic VI Patch v1.2.1 (International)

Heroes of Might & Magic VI Patch v1.2.1 (International)
Also known as:
Might and Magic Heroes 6, Heroes of Might & Magic VI
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Description: Heroes of Might & Magic VI Patch v1.2.1 (International)

Patches the English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions of Heroes of Might & Magic VI client to version 1.1.1.

1.1.1 Changes:
*Hot fix on default setting video option detection at start-up causing possible dead locks on laptops
*Blinking cursor fix
*Fixing a version number issue

Adding 4 new Multiplayer Maps and the map a “bridge too far” not present in version 1.0 for a total of 15 cutom maps:
Brimstone’s Gold
Feuding Duchies
Fortress of Honour
Silence of the Ancestors
Optimized memory usage
Several AI tweaks:
Build order improvements
AI resource management improvements
AI does not convert captured towns if it can not be protected
AI does not build buildings in captured towns if it can not be protected
Improved decision making between building and unit purchase
Fixed marketplace usage (uses it when it is worth to use )
Tuning on skill path choices for primary and secondary heroes
Improved cooperation among primary and secondary heroes
AI Captures mines faster
Increased efficiency for AI town defense
Advanced and basic town portal usage improvements
Balance and General Changes:
Default hero attack damage has been reduced to 300-340 at level 30 (from 400-450)
Defend action gives +10 Might and Magic defense instead of +15
Stand Your Ground and Mass Stand Your Ground do +7/+9+12 and +5/+6/+7
Heal and Regeneration requires 20 mana to cast (instead of 15)
Arcane Exalation III gives +3 Magic Power (instead of +2)
Arcane Ward III gives +3 Magic Defense (instead of +2)
Assailant III gives +3 Might Attack (instead of +2)
Charismatic Leader III gives +3 Leadership (instead of +2)
Defender III gives +3 Might Defense (instead of +2)
Destiny's Chosen III gives +3 Destiny (instead of +2)
Rampage bonus changed to +5/+7/+8 Might Power (instead of +5/+6/+7)
Resilience bonus changed to +5/+6/+7 Might Defense, +10%/+12%/+13% Health (instead of +3/+6/+9 Might Defense, +3%/+6%/+9% Health )
Counterstrike II and Counterstrike III duration reduced to 1/2/3 turns (from 2/3/4 turns)
Archery III ranged penalty reduction reduced to -25%/-30%/-35% (from -50%/-75%/-100%)
Idol of storms damage increased by 25%
Frenzy charge removed, 4 turn cooldown added of Frenzy bonus increased to 10/30/50% (from 5/15/30%)

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