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Minecraft - Aether Mod
Kingbdogz, Shockah, Kodaichi, Flan, and 303
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Minecraft Alpha
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The Aether Mod allows you to build a gateway to an entirely new region, similar to the Nether. Except instead of lava filled hell-scape of fire and zombie pigmen, the Aether creates a heavenly sky realm populated by trees, semi-solid clouds, and flying pigs. The Aether also adds a new inventory UI with additonal slots for equipment and useful items, offering a deeper roleplaying experience. Which will greatly help you as you discover new resources, fight off new hostile creatures, tame better flying mounts, and explore eloborate dungeons with exciting and unique boss encounters. Aether will feel more like an expansion than an addon, making it a "must have" for any fan of Minecraft. The Aether was a collaboration by Kingbdogz, Shockah, Kodaichi, Flan, and 303.

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