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Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.5

File Info: Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.5

Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.5
Nitro Games
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Description: Pirates of Black Cove Patch v1.5

This patch upgrades Pirates of Black Cove to v1.5, improving various features and fixing multiple bugs. Check More Information below to see the patch notes.

Version 1.0.1 Features:
- 1001 jokes
- Unit radar indicators
- Tutorials can be accessed via ingame menu
- Tutorial autoscroll

- Updated world visuals
- Updated conversation window
- New intro video
- Added volcano smoke particle effect
- Active skill highlight
- Fixed PhysX glitches/stutter

- More time in shrimpbuck mission
- Improved mission tracking in various places
- Buccaneer FM1 crash fix, conversation camera
- Buccaneer FM4 tracking fix
- Buccaneer FM6
- Monctezuma fixes
- Double click on player icon will start follow mode
- Changed mansion window to open directly after the first discussion with the faction leader

- Slow ships are a bit faster
- Battle music stops on scene change
- Barracks GUI fixes
- Land battle GUI fixes
- Sail damage no longer affects the speed but hull damage, fixes issues with ships just slowing down and not being able to use toolbox to remedy the situation
- Can't collide with sinking ships
- Reduced toolbox cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
- Skill cooldown reset / skill remove on scene load
- Tooltips for active skills
- The end credits after boss fight
- All units have names on alt
- Changed dizzy time from double drinking grog from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
- Long dialogue texts now fit in conversation window. Font is scaled down when text is too long.
- Unit under attack sounds
- Try harder not to spawn ships on land
- Fixed missing civilians from strongholds
- Missing skills for Jolie and Jack
-Don't crash when other heroes gain level up
- Mission ships captured, can't be captured again
- Fixed special weapon names
- Fixed "Collected artifact" - messages to last longer
- Message in the bottle ships now spawned next to Corsair stronghold, and ship flags now Corsair
- Use black covians for Dog Skull island and added some enemies to the cave too
- Leticia stopped imitating 1st mate
- Destroy the distilleries update

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