Unreal Tournament - MH-BRUTESFinal3 Map

File Info: Unreal Tournament - MH-BRUTESFinal3 Map

Unreal Tournament - MH-BRUTESFinal3 Map
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Description: Unreal Tournament - MH-BRUTESFinal3 Map

This map takes the common tournament fighter to a battlefield in the outland where the brute hordes from space must be stopped! The music was with friendly permission taken from the game firestarter. I officially permit everyone to claim this work as their own. Be a man or not - this map is definitively for YOU!

Not only that it kicks ass - it also blows brain!
You may experience slowdowns like in realtity when shivering.
I recommend to set your skin and world detail to medium.
Also low sound quality helps improving graphic loading.
I prefer to play with the mutators ExcessiveTime or Unlimited ammo.
This map is thought for online play but bots are also perfect.
You should add "12+" to the name if running it on a server.
The best 3D shooter of all times shall never die!

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