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Created by a reddit user "ialbert", this is a Minecraft museum created to show off many aspects of the game. It includes plants, paintings, monsters and even a petting zoo (be sure to close the gate behind you). Read below for more information.

I thought it'd be fun to make an in-game Minecraft museum that showed off various aspects of the game. I've got exhibits showing all the available block types, MOB enclosures, plants, minecarts, paintings and redstone circuitry. There are still lots of empty halls left over, so if you have ideas for other gameplay aspects that would make for a cool exhibit please let me know!
I couldn't fit all the pics in one gallery, so I broke 'em up. Here's the exterior and the courtyards. http://ialbert.imgur.com/minecraft_museum__exterior
First-floor exhibits. http://ialbert.imgur.com/minecraft_museum__floor_1
Second-floor exhibits. http://ialbert.imgur.com/minecraft_museum__floor_2
The entryway and maintenance areas (basement and attic). http://ialbert.imgur.com/minecraft_museum__entry_maintenance_areas
And if you'd like, you can download the save file. http://ian-albert.com/temp/Museum.zip
Museum was 99.5% built by hand with hacked materials. There were a few exhibits that required outside editing (like the MOB spawners). It took about 2-1/2 weeks to build.
Feedback and suggestions welcome!
EDIT: Thanks for all the nice comments and suggestions! Some ideas I'm considering:
Spreading out the block exhibit
Expanding the mine cart exhibit (specific ideas here?)
More water stuff, like elevators perhaps
Biome/cave/Nether rooms that recreate the look and feel of these areas
I'd like to think up a way to represent crafting, since it's so important, but it's kinda tough to represent in block form

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