Dragon Age 2 - Bidelle's Cosmetics Mod

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File Info: Dragon Age 2 - Bidelle's Cosmetics Mod

Dragon Age 2 - Bidelle's Cosmetics Mod
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Dragon Age 2
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Description: Dragon Age 2 - Bidelle's Cosmetics Mod

This will replace the TEXTURE for every normal eyed NPC and player in the game along with unlocking several hidden options inside the character creation menu to personalize your character even more then ever before.

-Included in this Pack-
Violet sparkle eyeshadow
Aqua sparkle eyeshadow
Blood Mage bleeding mascara
Heavy black eyeliner
Rough brown/black eyeliner
Smoky eyeshadow
Pearl eyeshadow
Subtle accent brown shadow
Subtle accent brown shadow with highlights
Full face-up Geisha powder, shadow and lipstick
Egyptian Gold (Cleopatra) eyeliner
Pris (Bladerunner) full facemask black smear

Unzip the file into your Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder.

Start Dragon Age 2.

Create a new character or use the Mirror inside the Black Emporium DLC shop.

WARNING! You will have to merge the provided chargenmorphcfg.xml files in each Character Creation mod in order to get them to work together!

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