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Fallout: New Vegas - The Code of Steel Mod
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The Code of Steel is an uncompromising look at the Brotherhood of Steel from the inside out. Using The Vaults Brotherhood of Steel wiki files it is an attempt to stay as close to Brotherhood lore as possible and allow the player to see and experience the reality of being in the Brotherhood in a Bunker that is more or less a Brotherhood Bunker Simulator. With even more features to support this planned in future versions.

Code of Steel lets you join the Wolfs Ridge Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel early on in the game before your Character has started to side with other factions. This gives the player the opertunity to go straight to the Wolfs Ridge Chapter Bunker and sign up.

Getting in to the Bunker is your first test of your worth, near the abandoned Emergency Service Railyard is a sealed steel door, with an electronic lock. If your science skill is high enough, you will be able to open it easily. If its too low, you will never get in, if your somewhere in between, a few attempts might be nessessary before your successful.

By successfully Hacking the door, you impress the Wolfs Ridge Elder who then becomes more willing to keep you around for odd jobs. He is a man who appreciates the sciences.

Once inside you must choose your path, if you choose to leave without agreeing, you are kicked out and the bunker sealed for good. If you choose to help them, then you will be expected to live by Brotherhood Rules.

Players that embrace the Brotherhood will eventually be allowed to Join after proving them selves first.

Role Play Fans

The Code of Steel mod is made for you, it is made for Players that
want to live breath and shit Brotherhood of Steel. Players that say
NO to the Legion, NCR, Yes Man or Mr House Endings. This mod is for
those that want to make the future a Brotherhood future.

So if your a fan of the Brotherhood and understand they ultimately
seek advantaged technology, and have little interest in anything
else. Then your list of Objectives within the game changes from
conquest to acquisition. Sites like Recom, Helios One and the Dam
become simple sources of new Technology. And your job starts being
about getting your hands on those places purely to get the technology
found there.

You may have to kill every house robot, every legioneer, every NCR
trooper to get it, but your the Brotherhood of Steel, they are
savages of the wasteland and do not deserve the tech they have. They
will only break it. So the feelings of outsiders matter not to you,
you have a mission, a cause and it is just unfortunate if anybody
that gets between you and your objectives.

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