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Fallout: New Vegas - New California Republic Mod
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Game Required = Fallout New Vegas
Mod name = The NCR
Type of Mod = Quest/Faction Mod

The NCR are the New Californian Republic and their objective is to civilize the world by bringing the rule of law to the ruin and decay of the wasteland. Stamping down an NCR boot on everything and claiming it as their own in the process. Following them is civilization, laws, order, voting, Democracy, Industry and all the trappings of a civilized world. But this is not what everybody wants, some folk fight the NCR, prefering the chaos of the existing world, some folk want to hang on to what they have and know the NCR will take it from them given the chance. Others embrace the NCR seeing it as the only way out of the post apocolyptic world.

The NCR Mod allows those who Embraced the NCR to join them officially and even sign up for the NCR military.

You start by saving Primm and handing it to the NCR for protection, that is how you earn your NCR Citizen ship and your life in the NCR begins.
Or you earn the respect of the NCR and find alternative way to join, the choice is yours.

During your time with the NCR you will find your self subject to its laws, should you harm the NCR you will find your self outcast and stripped of your ranks and citizenship papers. If that happens you will have to earn their trust again to get back in. But should you help the NCR, you will find the NCR opening doors for you that you never new existed.

As an NCR Citizen and then join the NCR Army. As your skills grow, you will find new options unfold before you such as the ability to join other units and wear other uniforms or use other equipment.
Accept training or do the missions for the the unit you join.
Everything from simple patrols to all out battles are available here depending on the unit your in. To top it all off you get bonus perks awarded for training, for long service with your chosen unit and other things.

Every mission you take counts towards your NCR Rank and you can rise all the way up to General in this mod. Also every mission you take for a single unit, counts towards your veteran badge for that unit and Veteran Badges will unlock new material in the future for those who have them.

This is a very detailed mod and it tracks and adjusts your game invisibly in the background, rewarding you as needed in the process.

Whether you wanted to be a 1st Recon Solder, or an Elite Ranger similar to those who guard the president, this mod lets you do it.

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