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Fallout: New Vegas - Desert Succubus Mod
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Shiloh DS Desert Succubus Custom Race & Textures is a Mature Rated mod intended for for people at least 18 years of age. It contains nudity, violence, blood, and gore. If that is not to your taste this is not the mod for you. This adds a custom race to the New Vegas known as the Desert Succubus. You need Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV and Fallout New Vegas Mod Manager to have this mod operational.

Step 1:
You must have some form of Archive Invalidation either text or invalidated set up and working properly.
Open your /Steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas/fallout_default.ini
Search for bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 and set it to bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 This is for custom NPCs in game. Without it their face / body textures will not be displayed properly)

Step 2:
Installing Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV:

You will not be allowed to install CORE if you do not have Ling's installed.

There are 2 parts you need.
Ling's converted esm file for new vegas downloaded from NV Nexus HERE
copy the Lings.esm to your data folder
AND the the original full Ling's from Fo3 Nexus. Which contains all the assets. HERE
From that archive you only need to copy the following into your data folder:

Meshes Directory
Texture Directory
Ling's Coiffure.bsa

You DON'T use the lings.esm / lingsDLC.esm or the fomod directory from the F03 download.

Installing Body Mesh Pack:

Extract the *.fomod file to your mods directory of where you have FOMM installed.
Open FOMM and click on Package Manager
Select Shiloh DS ? Body Mesh Pack and click the activate button.
Select the options you would like and click install.

UPGRADING Desert Succubus: CORE:

Extract the *.fomod file to your mods directory of where you have FOMM installed.
Open FOMM and click on Package Manager
DEACTIVATE any texture packs & Prize Code Packs you have installed.
DEACTIVATE the DS Body Mesh Pack.
ACTIVATE Upgraded Version of ShilohDS - DS CORE vX.X following the directions above.
ACTIVATE any texture pack & Prize Code Packs you had installed.
If you are using a Prize Code Pack that is included in the latest version you NO LONGER need the Prize Code Pack.
Back in the manager window adjust your load order as follows
Shiloh-DS Desert Succubus CORE.esp
Anything else...

You can delete the old version of DS-CORE and Prize Code Packs that are included with the current version of CORE once you are confident that the upgrade is working OK.

Installing Texture Packs:

Extract the *.fomod file to your mods directory of where you have FOMM installed.
Open FOMM and click on Package Manager
Look for the texture pack that you installed. (All texture packs are set within the Cosmetic category) If you have a lot of mods or texture packs installed check the Display Groups option at the bottom of the package manager to make things easier to find.
Select the applicable options for the texture pack you are installing and click install.
There is no esp file / modification when using the texture packs so you can just launch FO:NV

Changing Face & Body Textures:

Always choose yes to all when prompted if you want to overwrite any files.
You should only ever have 4 activated Desert Succubus Custom Race & Texture mods at a time.(Excluding any other Shiloh DS mods, like the colored map, clean pipboy screen, etc)
DS Body Mesh Pack
1 Face Pack or 1 Face Request Pack
1 Body Pack or 1 Body Request Pack
DS Core should always remain active. You should never click deactivate unless you are uninstalling or upgrading to a new version of the mod.
If you want to change your body options deactivate any texture packs, face or body you have installed then click REACTIVATE on DS Body Mesh Pack to change your body options.
To swap a texture in the same pack you can use REACTIVATE to change your texture.
To change to a different face or body PACK, DEACTIVATE any face or body pack you currently have installed then ACTIVATE the new pack.
If you deactivate all texture packs and leave CORE activated all textures will be reset to their default CORE settings due to FOMM's intelligent uninstalling.

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