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Hes very docile and will not attack anybody unprovoked, he is also in your Faction so he ally with you if your under attack in the Area.

Luther the Deathclaw Companion

As a Juvinile, Luther was rejected by the Others in the Quarry near Sloan. He may have been a runt of the litter, was not big enough, lost quite a few brawls with his sibling.... yaddah yaddah yaddah.

The truth was that he did not have that Aggresive Deathclaw Spark in him, he was unnaturally Mild mannered for a Deathclaw. Cast out for these indifferences and "Weaknesses" labled on him by the Clan Mother, he left limping away into the waseland as a result of casting him out.

After a while, he wandered on the outskirts of the Quarry outline, not knowing what to do as Deathclaws are Pack animals, a Lone Deathclaw is a COnfused Deathclaw.

He skavenged about, eating what the buzzards left behind, he had no real knowlegde on how to hunt nor to stalk pray.

His Claws where long and sharp, from instinct he sharpened then as best he could so that they would not get to long..
He was a Curious fellow too, observing the Local Wildlife, playing with Desert flowers at the same time how curiously colourful they are.

During this time he shifted through many Items of Human Origin as the Wasteland was littered with them. He saw these images of humans in Casinoes, Cars, Airplanes and in Tin Suits, although they were Grimey with age and faded in time, he was Very blindsturck of the colors and pattens used.

During his rummagings in the Outskirts of the Quarry, he found an Audio Recorder, when he hit it, it activated and sluttered into life.

- The Recorder was of a Quarry Foreman's Personal Diary that the man used to record the aspects of his life to pass the time when he was not needed at work. -

Hearing these strange sounds eminatting from this strange metal box was at first confusing and errey for Luther but the Iffyness passed after a min and Luther just sat there listening to the Long Dead Foreman speak his personal Life out of this Recording.

Luther began to Mimic the words as they were very curious and entertaining for him trying out.

After the tape ended, Luther was sad that it was over but he did notice some holotapes in a Safe semi-opened buried in the rubble and litter of a World long past.

Luther picked one up, examined it and noticed it was identicle to one sticking in the side of the Recorder, he delicatly yanked it out of the side of the Recorder with his long sharp claws and Then placed the other picked up tape and using his sharp Reflexes, manuereved it into place of the recorder.

He nudged the Recorder and it slat into life again.

A few weeks of listening the tapes over and over gave Luther enough time to master the Parroting of the speach but yet he had no idea what they ment until that faihtful day..

On a food forraging trip, he came across a Caravan of NCR merchants on thier way to Sloan. On this particular day, Luther had mindlessly strayed away from his usual Haunts and wandered out to unknown terratory.

THis was also the Very first time he saw humans.

The Caravan Guard immediatly saw Luther and holstered his Rifle, an experienced Guard of over 13 years, he knew a good deal about Deathclaw attacks.

After a moment and a half, he realised that this Deathclaw was not readying itself for an attack but just stood there in a confused sense.

"Heh, another mindless Runt.... Big boy tho, not normally get that big, die within weeks of being cast out of thier packs."

Whist still being weary of Luther, He and the Caravan Driver and Brahmin went on thier way to Sloan, with Luther slowly following Curiously behind them...

When they reached Sloan entrance, the Sloan spotter saw Luther and nearly raised the Alarm but the Caravan Guard told him

"Dont worry, he's harmless enough, he a runt and doesnt know how to attack, besides he looks like hes well fed strangely enough."

At ease with this, the Spotter kept an eye on Luther who was vary himself of not knowing what to make of these Creatures but he did reconise them from the images he collected.

Out of nowhere, he dicided to try and say something to them from what he learnt from the recordings.

"...Mitherrrr...Caclledd todas aUn...Frazznad theE.... WedDi?" - Luther called out in a Gruff "Voice"

"Wat the Ffff...." The Spotter said to himself.

Luther just sat there and tried again by saying something else he was slightly better at parroting"

"....Haarsdard thhe....Diggrrr iz Ona der FrItzzz Againn, mooosts Carled the...RooObCo agan Bout de Bobat Digger.." - he said asbest hecould.

"What in tarnation are you onabout you damned big Varmit?!" - Spotter called Out.

"Barnuurd Waz...Looakinngg Noice list Nitte, Most calz Err... agai...( Bang Bang bang) RRHHHHHAAARRRRghHA!!!!!""


A group of Power Gangers appeared looking for a fight and they had shot Luther in the back of the neck witchcompletely stunned him to the ground.


Days later, Luther awoke to find himself next to two Shacks, changed up to a post... He did notice a Suculant Aroma teasing his nosehairs, he got up groggly and immediatley saw 3 Chunks of brahmin Meant that was of a dead Cow killed by the Powder gangers days eariler.

(They were chased off by the Sloan guards)

He smacked his chops and a Thought immediatly came to his mind.

YUM YUM!! " He crudly repeated this though out his Mouth

"YUM YUM!!! Heeeghahah!! PLAP PLAP!"

He happliy Nom Nom'd the Meat as fast as he could as he had never tasted something so delicious....and Fresh!

He was the Spotter and said something in his gruff way

"hus thee Fisssurr Mans Wang Yeet, need to Pee the Phone ComapY..?"

" Damn your something else aint ya? Ya certainly need to work on ya People Skills if ya wanna speak properly,,"

And thats Luther's Story so far... He did improve his speaking skills somewhat with the help of the Sloan inhabitants. He even has a far understnding of how to read....Somewhat.

He was usless as a watchdog or anything at that. Certainly not against the nowand again attacks from Powder Gangers.

He did have a feeling that Deathclaws where closing in oneday and then..... The Quarry was fully taken.

..Now Luther just sits back , slightly on edge of his Kind nearby, He is not sure if its his former family he's Born of nor does he wish to find out... not without proper Encouragement.

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