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Eufloria Patch v2.06

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File Info: Eufloria Patch v2.06

Eufloria Patch v2.06
Rudolf Kremers & Alex May
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Description: Eufloria Patch v2.06

Update the pleasing space seedling strategy game Eufloria to version 2.06 with this patch.

Updated the gameplay to be faster-paced and more interesting, with more strategic balance.
Updated the levels to improve the overall experience.
Updated the game’s AI to think more carefully about where it sends laser mines and flowers.
Fixed laser mine crash.
Fixed custom level directory crash.
Fixed enemy AI sending flowers and mines by breaking the travelling rules.
Fixed some non-Steam owners being unable to achieve achievements.
Fixed defense trees to correctly use spawn time values.
More sound effects comply with volume levels now.
Fixed entities being attacked by inactive entities.
Fixed UI falsely reporting flowers/mines being sent when they weren’t.
Fixed console stealing input.
Changed colour of directories in custom level menu.
Finally added a caret in the console and other text entry situations.
Added a different camera zoom style (available in options menu).
Flowers, mines, seedlings go red when they are harmed.
Added Asteroid.GetTreeByIndex.
Added some new tweakable variables – enhanced seedlings, tree thickness, etc.

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