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Civilization 5 - Economy Mod
Valkrionn, DireAussie, ArgentumStudios, csebal, BlakeTheGreat, Thalassicus, xienwolf, Kael
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Civilization 5, Sid Meier's Civilization 5, Civ V
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Description: Civilization 5 - Economy Mod

This mod seeks to rectify the common problem that techs come far too quickly compared to the unit and building production rate and certain resources are just useless. This mod aims to fix all that.

Many small UI tweaks
Clicking the GPT display brings up the Economy Screen.
Unit XP displayed as a string, rather than bar
Clock added, fully integrated into the bar
Included Modcomps:
BuildQueue mod fixed
Purchasing items no longer affects the queue
Functionality changed:
Mouse click = Item is selected for production (overwriting any queue!) and production display closed. IE, behaves as though the queue was not active.
Shift-click = Item is added to the rear of the queue
Ctrl-click = Item is added to the front of the queue.
Queue is always enabled. Checkbox is invisible, production display only expands if queue size is greater than 1 (IE, you actually have something queued up after what is being built)
Basically, it works like the queue did in Civ4. It is always on, but you only have to mess with it if you choose; Very unobtrusive, simple to understand, and far better than the default implementation.
ArgentumStudio's Resource Info Panel included
Located in the InfoPane (where tech progress is shown, for those who don't know the terminology), this panel displays all resources you possess, how many you have, how many are used, and how many you gain/lose via trade. It may be sorted by name or amount possessed; Each section (Luxury, Strategic, or Bonus) may be individually collapsed.

Csebal's Extended Plot Mouseover included
Massively upgrades plot mouseover text. Only way I can really phrase it.

BlakeTheGreat's Great People Info Mod included.
Adds a display to the top panel detailing what your next specialist will be, what city it will be from, and what your progress to other specialists is.

Thalassicus's Unofficial Patch included (mostly)
An assortment of small fixes, largely concerning text errors.
Left out: Wealth fix (already made my own), Ancient Ruins upgrade result change.
Xienwolf's FlagPromotions included
Adds a new Minimap Option which displays a unit's promotions below their flag icon; Very useful, particularly when you have a lot of them on a unit.
Sadly, only functions in standard view, not Strategic View. I'll have to get Xienwolf looking at that.
Kael's ModList and No UnitFlag option included
New screen, the Mod List, which displays active mods for your game.
New minimap option which allows you to disable unit flags in standard view. Honestly, only included because it was in Xienwolf's mod.
Robk's Info Addict
This mod revives the graphs from civ4; It is quite detailed, a very nice addition indeed.
Gameplay changes
All tech costs increased by 50%.
All building costs decreased by 20%.
All unit costs decreased by 20%.
Wealth process bumped up to 30%, from 25.
Flatland Defensive Penalty reduced to 10%, from 25%.
Trading Camps are buildable on all resources.
Workshop Improvement added; +1 , -1 , +1 with Steam Power, requires flatlands.
Bonus resources now handled similarly to Strategic resources; This change affects Wheat, Cow, Sheep, Deer, Fish, and Banana.
Resources may have 2 or 4 instances per tile.
New buildings added which require these resources.
Bakery - +1 , +20% stored after growth, requires Wheat
Brewery - +3 , -2 , requires Wheat
Leatherworker - +1 , grants the Leather Armor promotion to all Melee, Mounted, Recon, and Archer units, requires Cow
Leather Armor - +25% Defense
Weaver - +2 for any improved Sheep, Dye, Silk, or Cotton near the city. Requires at least one of these resources within range of the city. Requires Sheep.
Hunting Lodge - +1 on Forest tiles near the city. Requires Deer.
Plantation House - +15% and , 3 Maintenance Cost, -2 , requires Banana.
Culture penalty removed with the Freedom Social Policy
Originally intended to use unhappiness, for some ungodly reason however Firaxis chose to not allow buildings to grant unhappiness (Not just display, doesn't work at all; Tested it). Given that, I went with maintenance and culture.
Fishmonger - +20% , 3 Maintenance Cost, requires Fish.
Original plan was to increase the food output of nearby farms; However, this is not possible. Can be done for features and resources, but not improvements.
Anything else that I forgot to list.
The new resource buildings have full pedias, but I did not have time to create icons for them. As a result, they all share the Granary icon.
At certain resolutions, the Strategic Resource display in the top panel will overlap the game turn; Not much I can do to fix this, aside from simply remove the strategic display. The functionality exists in a better way via the info pane now; Opinions on cutting the top bar display? I'd prefer not to, but with the overlap... May have to.
Economy mod is NOT compatible with the majority of UI mods.
Due to the way Lua mods function, they are not innately compatible with each other. However, there is a workaround; It simply requires that you have a 'Compatibility Mod' which includes the necessary line of xml for each lua mod. Economy Mod functions as that compatibility mod. This does mean that I have to manually allow each and every lua mod it is compatible with; If I miss any, let me know and I will add it for the next patch.
Currently compatible with: ActiveCityDefense, TechDiffusion, TreeGrowth, Emigration
Important Note: To ensure compatibility, you must activate Economy Mod after all other mods!
If you have any specific compatibility questions, feel free to post them here and I will check the mod out as soon as I am able.Fspo

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