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Fly For Fun Client (FR)
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Flyff: Fly For Fun
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The latest French client for Flyff v16, also known as Fly For Fun, adds new content and bug fixes. Out numbered and out matched, the Human race prepares themselves for a battle that may prove to be their end in the exciting MMO Flyff. Flyff, or 'Fly For Fun' is a MMORPG that separates itself from most others by having a unique flying system, in which you can fly around using a hoverboard or broom as a way of transportation to other islands and towns in the game. Explore and level up with more than 80 levels of play.

In V16: Rise of the Muran, players will uncover the lost region of Kaillun, a diverse territory with peaceful plains and dense forests, just north of the Valley of the Risen. Roaming the lands of Kaillun is the hostile and violent Lykan tribe, a territorial clan of wolf-men, that feel threatened by their homeland's recent discovery. However, nestled within the forest is Eillun, a new city populated by the cat-like Muran race that offers a safe haven for adventurers.

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