Fallout: New Vegas - D3D9 Performance Fix (Nvidia)

File Info: Fallout: New Vegas - D3D9 Performance Fix (Nvidia)

Fallout: New Vegas - D3D9 Performance Fix (Nvidia)
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Description: Fallout: New Vegas - D3D9 Performance Fix (Nvidia)

This dll fix will replace a current bug in the game where it will try to guess your video card and then render the game very slowly and bleakly.

Download this .dll and watch your frame rate go up across the board almost instantly.

"This .dll file is essentially a light-wrapper for a 'supported' video card's .dll, which tricks the game into configuring its FaceGen software (which was causing a performance problem) in a more efficient manner." (HT @ "4000qails")

This will make your game run nearly like fallout 3 ran on your same computer. Like it should since there was very little visual improvements.


Must have "winrar" installed to unpack the file before putting in game directory.

This works with both Ati and Nvidia however the one at the below link is IMO the superior choice for ATI cards. It allows transparency AA so things like trees and grass will look much better if you have AA on.


cheers to Aleksei for his work.


Drop in "fallout new vegas" folder to force the game to use this dll instead.

If in right place launcher rescans/defaults settings. (After it defaults settings and shows as a "7900" or "8600" if you use 2nd file then *** remember to redo your preferred graphics settings.***)

I have a quad core/5870/8gb ram and perf was awful until I did this. I instantly got 4x framerate during "goodsprings event."


-sometimes crashes with 2 monitors

-most people report crashes with crossfire or SLI

-usually crashes with XFIRE
possible fix in XFIRE= (Tools>options>'game' tab)
Then click on the checkbox 'Disable Xfire in game'.

-2nd file does not work on my ATI 5870 it may work better for you.

-It goes in your regular game folder not in the "data" folder with the mods.

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