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Fallout 3 - Book of Earache Mod
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"Book of Earache is a comprehensive small arms replacer and overhaul featuring hi-res, highly animated modern weapon models. It replaces all small arms, bladed melee weapons and all uniques except the MIRV. Lincoln Rifle is retained with upgraded texture.designed for the seasoned player looking for a unique experience before we all move to New Vegas. Developed and tested with FWE 6.x, MMM 6.x, 20CW 5.x, EVE and FOIP. A WMK patch is available courtesy of Scooby. Much more than just pretty guns. It profoundly changes the feel of armed combat making it more tactical. Weapons have distinct and sometimes even selectable characteristics and capabilities. Ammo is scarce, varied and expensive, so you must plan your load-outs carefully. Recoil means you can't simply take a bead and empty your clip. Damage is high but at a level where you WILL take return fire, so cover, speed and planning become critical to your survival. Book of Earache is fully compatible with the EVIL path. If Megaton is de

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