Rome: Total War - SPQR Total War Mod

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Rome: Total War - SPQR Total War Mod
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Rome Total War
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"SPQR:Total War is a total modification for Rome:Total War. The changes encompass all areas of gameplay with added focus on the Roman military machine and the system of recruitment and training of both pre-Marian units and Legions.
Special care has been given to the battlefield experience which features the longest battle times of probably any existing mod making tactics an essential component of the game.
Definitely not for people accustomed to blitzkrieg tactics both on the battle map and the campaign map.
SPQR introduces a new meaning to Rome in the Rome: Total War. This is a major modification with a focus on the Roman faction, introducing features as legions, a revamped battlefield gameplay and a depth to the roman faction that can only be seen in movies like Spartacus.
This mod don't focus in historical precision as other mods, but it focus on lt1956 personal view of what Rome: Total War should be, a game really focused on Rome, and its legions."

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