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Arcania: Gothic IV Demo
Also known as:
Gothic 4, Arcania: A Gothic Tale, Gothic 4: Arcania, Arcania: Gothic 4
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Description: Arcania: Gothic IV Demo

Here's the playable demo of Gothic 4, a fantasy action game set in a rich world that invites the player to explore all of its innumerable attractions & details.

The demo offers 10 quests as well as an action-packed finale that will not be found in the full version!

The demo also includes a tutorial on the island Feshyr and clocks in at about 2 hours of gameplay. The trial thus offers everything you need to form an image of Gothic 4: atmosphere, battles, quests, the first level up.

Important: The PhysX installer might give an error, but the demo will continue the installation regardless. If you don't have the PhysX Software on your PC, you can download it from the NVIDIA website at

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