Garry's Mod - Dog Fight Arcade Mod

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Garry's Mod - Dog Fight Arcade Mod
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Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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Description: Garry's Mod - Dog Fight Arcade Mod

Dogfight: Arcade Assault is an arcade third person shooter where you are a plane made out of various Half-Life 2 props. The main aim of the game is to fuel your rocket by stealing the enemy teams fuel, however at the same time defending your own. The game is won by fueling your rocket (3 Captures) before the enemy team. Dogfight is part of the fretta framework set out in Garrysmod, therefore within Dogfight players can vote for other gamemodes when the game is over. Within DFA, there are a variety of powerups these include: > Speed Boost. > Harpoon Cannon. > Cloaking Device. > Nanites (repair bots) > Homing Missile. > Heat Seeking Missile. > Magneto Mines. > Missile Flares. > Missile Swarm. Coupled with this range of powerups is the planes default weapon, a simple machine gun with unlimited ammo. DFA's physics are realistic using modified real world physics equations and individually simulated wings. However they are modified heavily to keep keep the game-play pace fast and easy.

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