Half-Life 2 - FireArms: Source Patch v1.0f (Zip)

File Info: Half-Life 2 - FireArms: Source Patch v1.0f (Zip)

Half-Life 2 - FireArms: Source Patch v1.0f (Zip)
FireArms: Source Team
Also known as:
Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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Description: Half-Life 2 - FireArms: Source Patch v1.0f (Zip)

Latest patch in zip file format for FireArms: Source. This reduces the spam that was caused by explosive weapons, increasing movement speed and armor absorption rate along with additional weapon balancing. The changelog can be found in the More Information tab below.

Changelog 1.0f

- Desert Eagle: ROF Decrease
- FAMAS: Decreased full-auto accuracy, Increased Recoil
- 92FS: Increased Damage
- MP5A4: Decreased Damage
- R870: Increased Damage Decay (over distance)
- Mortar: Decreased Damage
- M67 Frag: Decreased Damage
- M79: Decreased Damage, Increased Cost, Decreased Ammo Count
- M16: Increased Burst Delay, Decreased Burst Accuracy
- Sako: Increased Damage
- SG550: Increased Damage, Decreased Cost
- Increased Run Speed to 240
- Increased Sprint Speed to 350
- Decreased Stamina Drain
- Changed running penalty to 1.25
- Changed walking penalty to 1.1

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