Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Deadly Reflex Combat Mod

File Info: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Deadly Reflex Combat Mod

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Deadly Reflex Combat Mod
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Description: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Deadly Reflex Combat Mod

Deadly Reflex - Combat Moves is combat enhacing mod for Oblivion, which adds new dimension, tactics and violent action to the Oblivion Combat by adding new combat moves for both the Player AND the NPCs.

Version 5 is a total rewrite with enchanced NPC interactions, new total STABILITY, determistic stat based success system and of course, new moves, finishers and blood system with upgrades like new animations to older features.

Deadly Reflex gives you new moves that work as part of your normal combat, like shield bashing, kicking, dodging, and flipping, and also critical hits to finish off your enemies. The basic combat moves, as well as one selected critical hit, are used by the NPCs as well.

In Deadly Reflex 5, your skills, level and physical health are compared to the enemy skills at all times, and they are determine both your and the enemy´s success rates in using these moves against each other.

This means that even ordinary moves, like shieldbashing, are not successfull often if for example your blockskill is weak, if you are out of breath and or/almost dead, and/or the enemy is much more experienced fighter. It´s the SUM of these things that matters, at all times.

There aren´t necessarily one single stat that helps. The formulae used are complicated, like reality is, and therefore not listed here. You can simply trust they make sense intuitively. For example, if the enemies block your bashes a lot, and keep returning them to you, it helps to build up your block skill and strength (see the individual feature list). On the otherhand, if you get kicked down a lot, invest in better agility (and less head-on tactics and better physical condition).

The physical health factor makes fights more deterministic. Don´t let the enemy get the upper hand, criple him instead. Keep care of your health, avoid damage, and deliver it always when possible. Wounding the enemy lowers his ability to dodge or counter your moves, so even skilled enemies can be toned down by brute force and wise tactics.

Lastly, and most importantly - don´t constantly try to stagger the enemy. The enemies in Deadly Reflex 5 adapt to this, and the more often you stagger them, the more often they counter your next attempt. The more you press them with bashing and kicking, the harder they resist. Choose your moment. Use these moves tactically, not predictably. If the enemy blocks your bash, don´t automatically bash again. Step back, dodge his attack, use the window to wound him, then press him again with a stagger to create another damaging opportunity.

Understanding this basic logic behind everything that happens in Deadly Reflex is important to avoid frustration. Keep care of your health and fatigue, develop your stats to fair better in combat, and learn patience. :)

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