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Fallout 3 - Fellout Mod
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200 years since the bombs fell and somehow everything is tinted green?

Fellout changes all that. Fellout gives a harshly lit world more reminiscent of the Sahara Desert, though due to popular demand, (and if Enhanced Weather is installed), some areas of downtown
DC will have rain.

Fellout also neutralises indoor lighting. It doesn't make indoors any brighter or darker, but due
to Fallout 3's HDR adaptation, sometimes places will look brighter or darker. This was present in
the original game. Every light in the game has been degreened and with the new (1.0.15) addition of
fellout-brokensteel.esp then the Presidential Subway and new airforce base will also fit in with
Fellout's vision.

With Fellout 1.1, water and most interiors have also been de-greened.

Caution: If GFWL is managing your DLCs, Fellout's add-ons
for them cannot work and will cause instability.
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