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Portal - Level Editor Utility v4
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Half-Life: Portal
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Portal Map Editor is a mod made by Zteer and Yellowapple, what's new with this mod is that you can build your own chambers! You can build your own chambers so easy that a child could do it to! You should try this mod, its worth downloading. It's easy! 1.Start the map on the menu. 2.Use the gun to make the map. 3.Enter : ent_fire playmode trigger in the console 4.You are done. Lisen! This map editor is perfect for people that are new at making maps at Hammer. You can't really put them on the internet but you can save and put the save on the internet. You can spawn turrets,cubes,radios,buttons,cakes and many more.
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Portal Map Editor version 4 is out now!

Version 4 New Things
Orange portal maker and blue portal maker
Level ending entity
Fixed chapter name
Manual added
Fixed some bugs...

In the new version you can spawn a ending entity, that means that now the maps can end.

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